The Scientific Temper - An Anthology of Stories on Matters of Science
      by Anthony R. Michaelis

             Contents :

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Prolegomena Title 1
The Beginning Title 2
The Diary - A brief Look ahead Title 3
Falk, my Lutheran Faith, School Science Title 4
My first scientific experiment Title 5
Rich Chemists and how they enjoyed their wealth  Title 6
More about rich Chemists  Title 7
My further education Title 8
Maidenhead in the 1930s Title 9
Liebig and the Imperial College Title 10
Chemistry Studies Title 11
Happy Holidays Title 12
Back to Ph.D. and Chemistry Title 13
The "Prof" and the Ph.D. Title 14
World War II - 1939 Title 15
World War II - My Father in Camp Title 16
The Beginning Title 17
The long voyage to Canada Title 18
The Human Side Title 19
Tragedies Title 20
My father's tragic death - Release Title 21
Comment in The Liberal Magazine Title 21A
Mixed thoughts Title 22
Mixed feelings Title 23
Return to London Title 24
M.O.R. and Chaim Weizmann Title 25
My first job Title 26
Paints for a weekly wage Title 27
The Auxiliary Fire Service - AFS Title 28
My worst job in the AFS Title 29
Sodium Hypochlorite Title 30
The Miracle Bags Title 31
Director of Research Title 32
Subject Index of Scientists Title 33
British Intelligence, BIOS Title 34

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