Addendum to SCITEL

Suggestions for action by individual societies

The SCITEL proposal is an approach to the whole problem of Scientific communication, which could only be solved by large scale, convergent action. Contributing to the design and impetus of such action should take first priority. In addition, a scientific society can consider a smaller program of its own for earlier effect, keeping in mind the importance of facilitating its integration later on. The basic motivation Of a scientific society s to serve the communications requirements of itS members. From this standpoint, it can establish some or all of the following program.
1. A repository and announcement bulletin Papers would be received from its members, and announced by abstracts on a weekly or biweekly basis, with frequent, cumulative Indexes. The papers would be av lable on rcquest from the repository. (Authors would presumably also circulate reprints--at least in place of the “preprints” they now use--havlng identifled them for bibliographic control by the repository listing )

2. Select Journal The editorial ooard would select a small number of papers from the repository for more forrnai broadcast at monthly, bimonthly or quarterty intervals via the Society journal The delays inherent in careful selection and review are less serious in view of the availability or (1) The board can also be more aggressive insoliciting articids of wde interest to its members than is now feasible. The journal should also consider reprinting articles of special Interest that have appeared elsewhere.

3. Retreval and awdreness services for society members Information retrieval centers already operating should be solicited to provide specialized samples of special Interest to the society Thk is streszed to take full advantage of Computing machinery, and of the existing investment of funas and talent In collecting bibliographic data Many such services are possible--they could include weekly or monthly reports for current awareness:

Journal Contents Pages

Title Indexes keyword Indexes (with improved formats for the special needs of the society)

Announcements of Reviews and Bibliographies

and for retrospective retrieval:

Cumulative subject and title indexes (Uke index Medicus); Author Bibliographies Citation Indexes
As much of this material is already machinable, it may not be prohibitively expensive to print out the relevant samples

Alternatively, an analysis of Index iledicus or Chemical Abstracts outlining the thesaurus structure most pertInent to the membership could make these standard sources more useful to the membership

The society might also be able to contract for retrieval services to its members, i e , by maintaining or guaranteeing the salary of a full time representative at a retrieval center, to handle current inquiries on a cost-shared basis.

4. Publication of documentation advice for the members accounts of existing services and sources most pertinent to the society

5. A reportorial news bulletin.

Obviously, many functions could be combined within a single publication The chef obstacle to the adoption of such a program may be the problems of ts organization and management. However, governmental (e g NatIonal Library of Medicine), institutional (e.g. Biological Abstracts, AIBS or American Chemical Society) and private organizations (e.g. Institute for Scientific Information, Inc.) may be tapped for assistance.