Genetics Department
Stanford University
Stanford, California
July 9, 1959

Thanks for yours of 6 July.

The reprints may still be in the mail -- I hope so.

I appreciate your offer of CC. Now's a poor time to sell it to the medical school: we're just moving down from San Francisco, but I'll contact you in several weeks time when we can try the experiment. Can you easily track down whether you send CC to anyone(s) at Stanford now?

A propos CI, let me know how NSD react: I think that is the strategy. I have also talked to Dr. K.S. Wilson, Exec. Secretary, Genetics Study Section at the NIH, Research Grants Division. But I've just resigned from this panel myself (time and energy limited) and won't be able to nurse the idea along so well as I might have. But you should be hearing from her. Alternatively I would correspond with her, many proposals related to genetics, in parallel with NSF.


Joshua Lederberg