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 story on winners for the year 2000...
Armstrong, Clay M.
Professor of Physiology, University of Pennslyvania, Philadelphia, PA 
 Pioneering research on ion channel gating mechanism
Adriaan Bax
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
Seminal contributions to structural biology by advancing nuclear magnetic resonance
Mary Dell Chilton
Executive Director / VP of Agricultural Biotechnology, Novartis Seeds Inc. Research Triangle, NC
Pioneering research on the genetic modification of plants and her work on Crown Gall disease


story on winners for the year 1999...
Mandelbrot, Benoit B. Prof. Role in formulating concepts regarding fractal analysis and self similarity, which have impacted areas as diverse as human heartbeat dynamics and the fracturing of metals
Knudson, Alfred G. Dr. Research on retinoblastoma, leading to the mutational theory of cancer causation and the concept of a tumor suppressor gene


story on winners for the year 1998 ...

Blumberg, Baruch S. Dr. Studies of the relationship of the hepatitis B virus to hepatitis and liver cancer. Vaccine against hepatitis B is preventing newborn children from developing the disease
Folkman, Moses Judah, Dr. Discovery of the mechanism and importance of angiogenesis and development of angiogenesis inhibitors as an approach to treating cancer


story on winners for the year 1997 ...
Brinster, Ralph L. Prof. Research in transgenesis.  Transgenic animals pioneered by him produce insight into such human genetic disorders as birth defects, cancer, heart disease
Cotton, Frank A. Prof. Creating new paradigms for chemical bonding and synthesis in chemistry as well as their applications in catalysis and enzyme action


story on winners for the year 1996 ...
Farber, David J. Prof., University of Pennsylvania Seminal contributions to the field of computer networks and distributed computer systems. Involved in the creation of the DCS system and CSNET, forerunners of the Internet
Heilmeier, George H. Dr. Development of liquid crystal displays and its applications in computers and consumer products


story on winners for 1995....
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Marshall, Barry J. Dr. Discovery of the bacterium, Helicobacter pylori and its direct role in causign peptic ulcers.  His research was completed in the face of entrenched belief that ulcers are caused by release of excess acid in the stomach.
Mather, John C. Dr. Unprecedented accuracy in measurements of temperature fluctuations in cosmic background radiation, thereby confirming predictions of the big bang model of the early universe
Taylor, Joseph H. Prof. Discovery of the first binary pulsar.  His detailed observations of the binary pulsar over a period of two decades have confirmed portions of Einstein's theory of general relativity and gravitation


story on winner for 1994...
Mintz, Beatrice Dr. Contribution in the field of developmental genetics. By the creative use of her allophenic mice, she has illuminated genetics through studies of development, function and disease.  Her seminal work on manipulating the genetic constitution of mouse embryos  enabled her to trace the clonal development of numerous tissues and thereby make contributions to the fields of health and disease that are unique for their quality, significance, and scope


story on winners for 1993...
Croce, Carlo M. Dr. Pioneering research in understanding human cancer.  First to combine cyto-genetics and gene mapping to identify oncogenes involved in human malignancies and genetic mechanisms underlying the abnormal cell growth.  These techniques are not widely used and hold great hope for the future.
Smalley, Richard E. Prof. (Nobelist - deceased October 28, 2005)
We have provided links to a  HistCite collection of his papers. 
Archives 1973-2005 at Othmer Library, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, Pa.
Pioneering research on techniques and concepts which led to the realization in the laboratory of a third form of carbon, after diamonds and graphite, now called Buckminsterfullerene or carbon-60.  The existence of this new material has set off an exploration of materials research activity through the world.


Chance, Britton Prof.  Pioneering achievements in shaping the field of quantitative biochemistry  leading to the development of novel diagnostic methods in medicine.  His pioneering clinical applications, including  magnetic resonance spectroscopy and photon migration imaging, have significantly enhanced the scope of noninvasive study of disease
Mullis, Kary B. Dr. Originating the concept of the polymerase chain reaction.  Developed an ingenious simple recipe for copying segments of DNA, the genetic material, thereby contributing to progress in the fields of molecular biology and human genetics and in the early detection of disease.


Patrick,  Ruth Dr., Senior Curator of Limnology and Honorary Chairman of the Board of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA Creative achievements in biology and ecology, especially seminal discoveries of the importance of species diversity to the health of aquatic life in rivers, and work on water pollution
Ippen, Erich P. Prof., MIT 
Shank, Charles V. Prof., Berkeley
Pioneering development of ultrashort laser pulses, thereby making possible new discoveries of elementary processes important in physics, biology, chemistry and engineering

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