Award Recipients
1891 - 1900


Bell, Chichester A.
Taintner, Summer
Fisher, Robert  J. Improvements in book and letter typewriting
Groupe, Andrew N.  Improved Braiding Machine
Hopkins, Nevil Monroe  Pneumatic System for Preventing the Bursting of Water Pipes by Freezing
Hough, James 
Laughlin, Samuel J. 
Drawing tables
Lowry, George A. Improved press for cotton, wool, jute
Moskowitz, Morris Improved system for car lighting
Swenson, Magnus Round-lap baling cotton compress
Wait, William B. Machine for tangible writing for touch reading


Batcheller, B.C.  Pneumatic Dispatch Tube Apparatus
Fellows, Edwin R. Machine and Cutter for Generating Gear Teeth
Sexton, Albert  Omnimeter
Steinhart, Alfred
Uehling, Edward, A.


Blondel, Andre
Psaroudaki, Spiridion
Holophane globes 
Copper, Daniel M. Time recorder
Dunn, B.W. Testing machine for measuring intensities of impulsive forces
Hyatt, John W. Elastic spiral anti-friction roller
Jackson, Walter W.
Connet, Fred N.
Registering apparatus
Muller, Herman C. Process of and apparatus for manufacturing mosaics
Sayen, Henry Lyman Improvement in Roentgen-Ray apparatus
Severy, Melvin L. Impression process
Steinhart, Alfred
Uehling, Edward A.
Pneumatic pyrometer
Willmunder, Herman Swivel loom


Almond, Thomas R. Flexible metallic tube
Berliner, Emile Gramophone
Brown, Edward Improvements in pyrometers
Burroughs, George D. Calculating machine
LeClere, Francis Black Prints
Levy, Louis E.
Levy, Max
Screens for photo-mechanical engraving
Morris, Henry G.
Salom, Pedro G.
Automobile vehicle
Outerbridge, Alexander E. Jr. Investigations in the molecular physics of cast iron
Williams, John Typewriting machine
Webster, William R. Observations on relations between chemical constitution and ultimate strength of steel


Balzer, Stephen M. Device for making milling cutters
Carroll, William T. Non metallic bearings
Crehore, Albert Cushing
Squier, George, O.
Polarizing PhotoŚChronograph 
Grant, George B. Improved calculating machine
Hopkins, Edward P. Electric Arc Lamp
Johnston, A. Langstaff Bonding joint for electrical railways
Marsden, Mark W. Corn pith cellulose
McCracken, Edwin D. Insulated electrical conductors
Milliau, Ernest Standard methods of analyzing fats and oils
Prentiss, Harry S. Auomatic calendar
Richards, Joseph Solder for aluminum


Bates, Albert J.  Valve trips for Corliss Engine
Beadle C. Cellulose Products
Cross, C.F. Cellulose Products
Goldstein, Albert Pneumatic fire alarm telegraph system
Jandus, William Improved arc lamp
Willans, Peter William Steam engine
Stackhouse, Thomas A. Diagraph


Acheson, Edward G. Carborundum
Branson, David
Thornburgh, Robert D.
Starr, John E.
Fuller, J. EnsignSystem of artificial refrigeration through street pipe lines from central stations
Bramwell, William C. Automatic feeding mechanism for carding machine
Cleborne, Dr. Christopher James U.S. Naval bedstead
Dunham, Joseph N.
McKemmie, John
Metallic drawing rolls 
Edson, Jarvis B. Pressure recording gauge
Marchlet, George, Jr.
Reichhelm, E.P.
Fuel gas system and apparatus
Morsell, W.F.C. Application of complementary color designs and crystal patterns
Payen, Clement Improvement in storage batteries
Perry, Nelson W. System of series electric traction for railways
Pontrichet, E. Heliographic paper
Priestman, Samuel
Priestman, William Dent
Oil Engine 
Riefler, Sigmund Pendulum escapement for clocks of precision
Shuman, Frank Process and apparatus for embedding wire netting in glass
Spiro, Charles  Improvement in typewriters
Tweddell, Ralph Hart Application of hydraulic pressure to machine tools
Weidig, Dr. H.P. Chemical fire extinguisher
Wilkin, John T. Method and apparatus for generating cycloidal surfaces
Wurts, Alexander J. Lightning arresters for lighting and power circuits


Baldwin, F. Ruel Boiler tube cleaner
Bridgemen, Henry L. Ore sampling machine
Frank, Dr. Adolph Composition of infusorial earth as adapted for filtering purposes
LaRue, Silas Improvement in stoves
Meylan, Eugene
Reckniewski, Camille S.
Electric meter 
Reddeway, Frank Camel-hair belting
Spencer, John E. Improvements in damper regulators


Almond, Thomas R. Angular coupling
Benner, Joseph Improvements in knitting machines
Burton, George D. System of electric forging
Clark, George, S. Improvements in safety vaults
Durkee, George B.
Golding, John F.
Expanded metal and machinery for making same
Emerson, James Dynamometer
Fuller, Frederick L.
Griswold, George  H.
Improvements in cash registers, indicators
Goetz, Henry A.
Mitchell, Mansell W.
System of anchoring beams in buildings
Jones, John R. Method of rolling tapered axles
Lundgren, Charles M. Incandescent gas light
McClellan, Ezra S. Anti-siphon trap-vent
Shay, Ephraim Patent geared locomotive
Williams, Charles D. Revolving show window


Anderson, William Process of Water Purification
Dodge, Wallace System of Rope Transmission
Garsed, R. P. Pneumatic Annunciator
Hadfield, Robert A. Discovery of Manganese Steel
Hannay, J. B.
Shedlock, Alfred
Improved System of Illumination Known as Lucigen
Hart, Edward Improved hydrofluoric acid bottle
Johnson, E. H. System of Interior Conduits for Electrical Wiring
LeClere, Francis Differential Gear Wheel
Mason, A. J.  Washer-Punching Machine
Market, Luzerne
Thomas, Almer
Improvements. in Casting and Hardening Copper
Mergenthaler, Ottmar Improvements in type-setting machine
Pants, Albert E.  Improvements. in Boring and Milling Machines
Roeder, Fred A.
Springer, Fred
Improvements in torsion balance
Speidel, John G. Improvements in portable hoist
Thomson, Elihu Constant current alternating arc light transformer
Vauclain, Samuel M. Improvements in making truck-wheel centers
Wooten, J.E. Improvements in locomotive boilders

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