The John Scott Award Recipients



  Bjarne Stroustrup
  Technical Fellow and a Managing Director in the technology division of Morgan Stanley
 New York City.
 Visiting Professor in Computer Science at 
Columbia University.

 For the design and implementation of C++ programming language

 Dr. James West
 Research Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering & Mechanical Engineering.

 Johns Hopkins University

 To recognize his inventions relating to the foil electret microphone


Dr. Ruzena Bajcsy
NEC Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
University of California
, CA

For her pioneering contributions to robotics and engineering science.

Dr. Warren Ewens
Australian-born mathematician who has been Professor of Biology at the University of Pennsylvania since 1997.
(Emeritus Faculty)
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

To recognize his research on the mathematical, statistical and theoretical aspects of population genetics.

Dr. Masatoshi Nei
Emeritus Professor of Biology and Adjunct Professor at Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
For his work in developing new concepts of evolutionary theory.
Award Recipients

Dr. Emmanuelle Charpentier, Director, Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Jennifer Doudna,  Doudna Lab, University of California, Berkeley, CA.
Dr. Feng Zhang, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and Investigator at McGovern Institute for Brain Res, MIT

For elucidating the molecular mechanisms governing CRISPR- Cas Systems, which  defend prokaryotic cells against viruses and foreign nucleic acids, and for enabling the application of these systems as revolutionary tools for genome control and editing.

Dr. Carl H. June, Director of the Translational Research Program & Richard W. Vague Professor in Immunotherapy, Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute, Uiversity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

To recognize his work on developing and testing novel forms of immunotherapy for cancer and chronic infections.

                    Photograph of the 2016 Awardees: Drs.Zhang, Charpentier, June
                    Photograph of the 2016 Awardees with Committee Members


Dr. Madeleine M. Joullié
Professor of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

To recognize Dr. Madeleine M. Joullié’s research on the synthesis of natural products which has led to the creation of antiviral and antibacterial compounds, agents that can interfere with tumor angiogenesis, and other natural products used against cancer.  Dr. Joullie has also developed compounds that are key elements of fingerprinting and forensic science.

Dr. John P. Perdew
Laura H. Carnell Professor of Physics and Chemistry, School of Science & Technology
Founding Director, Center for Materials Theory
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.

To recognize Dr. Perdew for his key role in the development of density functional theory (DFT) which has led to a fundamental understanding and design of the structure and behavior of materials.  He “derived exact properties of the exchange-correlation energy, using exact constraints to construct the approximations widely used for applications across condensed matter physics, chemistry and materials science.”  He is one of the most cited physicists.

Photograph of the 2015 Awardees: John Scott Committee with Awardees Dr. Madeleine M. Jouillie and Dr. John P. Perdew                 

Dr. Susan Band Horwitz
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY
Distinguished Professor & Co-Chair, Department of Molecular Pharmacology
Rose C. Falkenstein Chair in Cancer Research
Past President, American Association for Cancer Research

Recognized for her groundbreaking research in the development of drugs derived from natural products  for the treatment of malignancies and on the challenges of dealing with the emergence of drug resistance in cancer.
Dr. Leonard Hayflick
Professor of Anatomy, School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, CA.
Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Founding Member, Council of the National Institute on Aging
Past President, Gerontological Society of America

Recognized for their pioneering work discovery that, unline immortal cancer cells, normal human cells are mortal.  His interpretation of mortality as cellular aging established the modern era of aging research, and his development of a human cell strain used to make most human virus vaccines has benefitted billions world-wide.   He is the author of the best-selling book, "How and Why We Age," which has sbeen translated into nine languages.

Dr. Paul S. Moorhead
Emeritus Professor of Genetics,
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Past Director, Clinical Cytogenetics Lab at Children's Hospital, Philadelphia
Past Supervisor, University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine Cytogenetics Lab.

Recognized for his work at the Wistar Institute  with Dr. Leonard Hayflick in the discovery that normal human cells are mortal, as well as his development of a technique for microscopically visualizing human and animal chromosomes that became a standard world-wide.  The paper Dr. Moorhead co-authored in 1961 with Dr. Hayflick, "The serial cultivation of human diploid cell strains," has become one of the most frequently cited scientific papers in modern history.  Dr. Moorhead won the National Institutes of Health Career Development Award on three separate occasions.
                    Photographs of the 2014 Awardees: Dr. Susan Band Horwitz, Dr. Leonard Hayflick, Dr. Paul S. Moorhead, John Scott Committee with Awardees, Awardees


Dr, N. Scott Adzick
C.Everett Koop Professor of Pediatric Surgery at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)
Surgeon-in-Chief, CHOP
Director, Division of Pediatric General, Thoracic and Fetal Surgery
Professor, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Cynecology, Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Recognized for his contributions to the practice of fetal surgery, exploring cutting edge surgical treatment options for life-threatening fetal anatomic malformations.
Dr. P. Leslie Dutton
Eldridge Reeves Johnson Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics
Director, Johnson Foundation of Molecular Biophysics
Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

Fellow of the Royal Society
Recognized for his work on the elementary processes of oxidation-reduction and the diverse biological events coupled to them.

Dr. Robert L. Brent
Head of Clinical & Environmental Teratology Research Lab
A.I. duPont Hospital for Children
Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics, Radiology & Pathology
Thomas Jefferson University
Philadelphia, PA

Member, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences
Recognized for his work on environmental causes of birth defects including exposure to drugs, chemicals, and ionizing radiation.


Dr. Paul J. Steinhardt
Albert Einstein Professor in Science
Director, Princeton Center for Theoretical Science
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
He is also on the faculty of both the departments of Physics and Astrophysical Sciences.
Recognized for his pioneering achievements in developing the theory of quasicrystals and for co-discovering the   first natural quasicrystals. 
He shared the P.A.M. Dirac Medal from the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in 2002 for his contribution to the development of the inflationary model of the universe, and received the Oliver E. Buckley Prize of the American Physical Society in 2010 for his contribution to the theory of quasicrystals.  He is the author of over 200 refereed articles, several technical books and numerous popular articles.

Dr. John Q. Trojanowski & Dr. Virginia Man-Yee Lee
Dr. Lee is the Director and
Dr. Trojanowski is the Co-Director
Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research (CNDR)
University of Pennsylvania
Perelman School of Medicine
Philadelphia, PA
Recognized for their groundbreaking research into the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.
Dr. Trojanowski's  research centers on molecular mechanisms of neuron dysfunction, degeneration and death in normal aging and in neurodegenerative diseases.  Dr. D.Lee's research focuses on disease proteins that form pathological inclusions in hereditary and sporadic Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, frontotemporal lobar degeneration, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and related neurodegenerative disorders of aging.  Their research provides critical evidence for the direction of new areas of research that are needed to identify targets and create better treatments for these debilitating diseases.


Dr. David E. Kuhl
Dr. Kuhl served as the Chief of the Division of Nuclear Medicine at the University of Michigan for 20 years and retired in 2011

Recognized for his groundbreaking work in positron emission tomography (PET). He pioneered the development of single proton emission computer tomography (SPECT), which led to PET.  He remains a leading researcher in PET applications, particularly in the study of cardiovascular and brain function.  His research is focused on introducing new measures of neurochemical and metabolic processes determined within the living brain, using radioactive molecular tracers and emission reconstruction tomography.  He has also received the Japan Prize for his contributions to tomographic imaging in nuclear medicine and was elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences.  He holds memberships and leadership positions in professional societies, including the American College of Radiology, American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering, the Society of Nuclear Medicine, and the Association of University Radiologists.
Dr. Jenny Pickworth Glusker
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Philadelphia , PA
Recognized for her pioneering work in determining the three-dimensional structure of biologically important molecules.  Dr. Glusker determined the molecular structure of a hexacarboxylic acid, derived from Vitamin B12, which led to the determination of the previously unknown chemical formula of Vitamin B12, the "anti-pernicious anemia factor," the largest molecular structure to be determined by x-ray diffraction methods as the time.  Her work on the molecular structure of components of the Krebs cycle provided critical new insights into the molecular and biochemical aspects of metabolism.  Her impact on our knowledge of the causes and possible treatment of cancer continued with her determination of the structures of numerous anti-tumor agents and important mutagens, including the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons benzo[a]pyrene and 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene, which are the major carcinogens in tobacco smoke.  Her novel triangular plots to represent the positions of metal ions with respect to the three most likely binding atoms in proteins, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur, and her skillful analyses have greatly expanded our understanding and appreciation of the roles of metals in catalysis. 


Dr. Christian J. Lambertsen 
for his invention of the underwater breathing apparatus known as SCUBA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

To recognize  his invention of the underwater breathing apparatus known as SCUBA, which he first developed during World War II for use by the United States Navy while he was in the U.S. Army Medical Corps detached to the Office of Strategic Services.  Dr. Lambertsen, a world renowned expert in hyperbaric medicine, founded the Institute for Environmental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.  He has taught at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School since 1946 and is currently Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Environmental Medicine.

Dr. William A. Eaton 
Biophysical Chemistry Section 
NIDDK, National Institutes of Health 


To  recognize his pioneering research on protein aggregation and folding.  Dr. Eaton and his collaborators discovered the microscopic basis for the aggregation of sickle cell hemoglobin,
thereby illuminating the pathophysiology and stimulating new treatments of sickle cell disease.  More recently, they established a theoretical limit for how fast proteins fold into their functional structures.  Dr. Eaton obtained his medical and scientific training at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently
Chief of the Laboratory of Chemical Physics at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.


Dr. Bernard Fisher
Fellow in experimental surgery at the University of Pennsylvania where he was trained by I.S. Ravdin, is currently a Distinguished Service Professor of Surgery in the School of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh
Commentary by E. Garfield in The Scientist
For his pioneering research utilizing clinical trials in surgery that set a new course in the treatment  of breast cancer.  In creating new procedures for the treatment of many cancers,  Dr. Fisher has greatly benefited mankind.
Dr. Lucy Shapiro 
Professor of Developmental Biology, Senior Fellow of the Institute for  International Studies and Director of the Beckman Center for Molecular 
and Genetic Medicine, Stanford University. 

HistCite :

Dr. Harley H. McAdams 
Research Professor in the Department of Developmental Biology,  Stanford University. 

HistCite : 

To recognize their work in bringing the methods of electrical circuit analysis to the description 
of genetic networks of the simple bacterium, Caulobacter.  This husband and wife team, 
comprising a microbiologist and a physicist, has pioneered the field of Systems Biology and 
made seminal contributions through the study of the regulatory circuitry of this microorganism.  
By creating a means to unravel the complexity of cellular processes they have greatly benefited mankind.


Dr. Susan Solomon 
Senior Scientist
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Boulder, Colorado 

To recognize  her discoveries in establishing the mechanism of the depletion of Antarctic ozone by 
identifying a specific chemical reaction and making direct measurements of the predicted  product of this reaction in the atmosphere of Antarctica. These and other scientific discoveries  have resulted in international regulations that limit the emissions of the ozone damaging  chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere and have thereby greatly benefited mankind. 
Professor Timothy M. Swager 
John D. MacArthur Professor 
Head of the Department of Chemistry and the Associate Director 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bldg. 18-597
Cambridge, MA 02139  
To recognize  his pioneering developments in the design, synthesis and construction of functional 
assemblies of supramolecular materials that recognize specific molecules. In creating new chemo sensors that are being used for the detection of concealed explosive materials


Dr. Joseph Vacanti  
John Homans Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School  
Chief of Pediatric Surgery and Director, Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Organ Fabrication at
Massachusetts General Hospital. 
Harvard University 

For his  pioneering work  in tissue engineering, an interdisciplinary field that applies the principles of 
engineering and life sciences toward the development of biological substitutes that restore, maintain,  or improve tissue or organ function. For his contributions to the design, fabrication and clinical application of living replacement devices for surgical reconstruction and transplantation and  implantable, biodegradable systems that can act as devices to generate permanent new tissue.
Dr. Albert J. Stunkard      
Department of Psychiatry 
The Mahoney Institute of Neurological Sciences 
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 
Founder of the Center for Weight and Eating Disorders  
In recognition of his pioneering research on the genetics of obesity in childhood and the growth and 
development of children at high risk of obesity.  For his contributions to psychosomatic medicine and
his research on understanding  and  treatment of eating disorders. By improving the understanding of  deviant eating patterns, and having developed treatment for eating disorders he has contributed 
significantly to the health and welfare of mankind.


Dr. Franklin A. Davis 
Professor of Chemistry, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.           

To recognize his discoveries of new experimental procedures for the synthesis of important molecular structures.  By creating new synthetic methods that have been adopted by laboratories worldwide to aid in the synthesis of antitumor and other bioactive drugs, Professor Davis has contributed to the health and welfare of mankind.                                                                      
Professor Irving L. Weissman 
Director of the Institute for Stem Cell Bioloogy and Regenerative Medicine and of the
Comprehensive Cancer Center, Virginia, D.K.
Ludwig Professor for Clinical Investigation in Cancer Research and Professor  of Pathology and Developmental Biology at Stanford University.
For his seminal contribution to identifying and isolating the blood forming stem cells.  By isolating the  stem cells from humans, which then become the basis of successful bone marrow transplantation, 
Professor Weissman has contributed to the health and welfare of  mankind.


Professor JoAnne Stubbe
Novartis Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Biology at the Massachusetts   Institute of  Technology 
To recognize her pioneering discovery of the molecular mechanism  and the role of free radicals in the  action of the enzyme ribonucleotide reductase - discoveries that have led to the development of novel cancer therapies.  Her work has improved our understanding of the biochemical synthesis of DNA, thus contributing to the health and welfare of mankind.
Dr. Saul Perlmutter
Professor of Physics, University of California, Berkeley and Senior Fellow of the 
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 
For his contributions to the discovery of  some of the most distant supernovae and for making the first measurements of the cosmological constant.  His   work has led to unlocking the secrets of our universe and to developing promising new technologies that can have major impacts on basic science.


story on winners for the year 2004...

Dr. Thomas E. Starzl 
Professor of Surgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) program named in his honor:
Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute
Winner of National Medal of Science (2005)

Citation Classic Commentaries #1   and #2 
Introductory Comments by Dr. Clyde F. Barker      
To recognize his seminal contributions to the science and practice of organ transplantation.
Professor Barry M. Trost
Tamaki Professor of Humanities and Sciences 
Stanford University, Stanford, CA 
Citation Classic Commentary
HistCite File

To recognize  his pioneering  development of new organometallic reactions and their applications in organic synthesis.


Dr. Bert Vogelstein
Professor of Oncology and Pathology 
Johns Hopkins University School of  Medicine 
HistCite File: #1, #2
Introductory Comments by Dr. Clyde F. Barker     
Establishing a molecular basis for colon cancer and 
the resulting improvements in diagnosis and 
 therapeutics. Characterizing the genes that cause 
colon cancer and applying his knowledge to patient management, thus contributing to better health and welfare of patients.
Dr. Daniel H. Janzen
Thomas E. and Louise G. DiMaura Professor of 
Conservation Biology at the University of 
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.
Citation Classic Commentaries #1#2
HistCite File
Contributions to conservation biology based on 
the quantitative formulation of the consequences of seed predation to animals and plants resulting in 
better interface between society and tropical 
wildland biodiversity.


story on winners for the year 2002...

Dr. Mario R. Capecchi
Distinguished Professor of Human  Genetics 
University of Utah,  School of  Medicine.
Seminal contributions to the development of a technique for the deletion or replacement of any gene in mice, leading to a greater understanding of human genetic diseases. 
Professor Joseph M. DeSimone
W.R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor of 
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
University of North Carolina                                               
Seminal contributions to the manufacturing and processing of polymers in supercritical carbon dioxide, thus reducing the use and generation of substances that are hazardous to human health and the environment.                                                       

 story on winners for the year 2001...

Dr. Vera Cooper Rubin 
Senior Researcher 
Department of Terrestrial Magnetism 
Carnegie Institution of Washington 
See profile in Science  295:960-61 February 8, 2002                             
Major contribution to establishing the existence of dark matter through analysis of experimental data, thereby enlarging our grasp of the universe and hence the scope of human endeavor.
Professor K. Barry Sharpless
W.M. Keck Professor
Scripps Research Institute
La Jolla, CA                                    
Pioneering research on asymmetric epoxidation, greatly facilitating the synthesis of drugs and sugars, thereby contributing to the health and welfare of mankind.                                    


 story on winners for the year 2000...

Armstrong, Clay M.
Professor of Physiology, University of Pennslyvania, Philadelphia, PA         
Pioneering research on ion channel gating mechanism.
Adriaan Bax    
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
Seminal contributions to structural biology by advancing nuclear magneticresonanance.    
Mary Dell Chilton
Executive Director / VP of Agricultural Biotechnology,                      
Novartis Seeds Inc. 
Research Triangle, NC 
Citation Classic Commentary
Pioneering research on the genetic modification of plants and  her work on Crown Gall Disease.

story on winners for the year 1999 ...

Mandelbrot, Benoit B. Prof.
Citation Classic Commentary
Role in formulating concepts regarding fractal analysis and self similarity, which have impacted areas as diverse as human heartbeat dynamics and the fracturing of metals
Knudson, Alfred G. Dr. Research on retinoblastoma, leading to the mutational theory of cancer causation and the concept of a tumor suppressor gene


      story on winners for the year 1998 ...

Blumberg, Baruch S. Dr.
Citation Classic Commentaries #1  and #2
Studies of the relationship of the hepatitis B virus to hepatitis and liver cancer. Vaccine against hepatitis B is preventing newborn children from developing the disease
Folkman, Moses Judah, Dr. Discovery of the mechanism and importance of angiogenesis and development of angiogenesis inhibitors as an approach to treating cancer

story on winners for the year 1997 ... (scroll to the end of the article)

Brinster, Ralph L. Prof.
Citation Classic Commentary
Research in transgenesis.  Transgenic animals pioneered by him produce insight into such human genetic disorders as birth defects, cancer, heart disease
Cotton, Frank A. Prof.
Citation Classic Commentary
Creating new paradigms for chemical bonding and synthesis in chemistry as well as their applications in catalysis and enzyme action

story on winners for the year 1996 ...

Farber, David J. Prof.
School of Engineering
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
Seminal contributions to the field of computer networks and distributed computer systems. Involved in the creation of the DCS system and CSNET, forerunners of the Internet
Heilmeier, George H. Dr.
Citation Classic Commentary
Development of liquid crystal displays and its applications in computers and consumer products

story on winners for the year 1995 ...
also see Notebook item...

Marshall, Barry J. Dr. Discovery of the bacterium, Helicobacter pylori and its direct role in causign peptic ulcers.  His research was completed in the face of entrenched belief that ulcers are caused by release of excess acid in the stomach.
Mather, John C. Dr. Unprecedented accuracy in measurements of temperature fluctuations in cosmic background radiation, thereby confirming predictions of the big bang model of the early universe
Taylor, Joseph H. Prof.
Citation Classic Commentary
Discovery of the first binary pulsar.  His detailed observations of the binary pulsar over a period of two decades have confirmed portions of Einstein's theory of general relativity and gravitation

story on winners for the year 1994 ...

Mintz, Beatrice Dr. Contribution in the field of developmental genetics. By the creative use of her allophenic mice, she has illuminated genetics through studies of  development, function and disease.  Her seminal work on manipulating the genetic constitution of mouse embryos  enabled her to trace the clonal development of numerous tissues and thereby make contributions to the fields of health and disease that are unique for their quality, significance, and scope

story on winners for the year 1993 ...

Croce, Carlo M. Dr. Pioneering research in understanding human cancer.  First to combine cyto-genetics and gene mapping to identify oncogenes involved in human malignancies and genetic mechanisms underlying the abnormal cell growth.  These techniques are not widely used and hold great hope for the future.
Smalley, Richard E. Prof.
(Nobelist - deceased October 28, 2005)
Link to a  HistCite collection of his papers:
Archives 1973-2005 at Othmer Library, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, Pa.
Pioneering research on techniques and concepts which led to the realization in the laboratory of a third form of carbon, after diamonds and graphite, now called Buckminsterfullerene or carbon-60.  The existence of this new material has set off an exploration of materials research activity through the world.


Chance, Britton Prof. 
Citation Classic Commentary
Pioneering achievements in shaping the field of quantitative biochemistry  leading to the development of novel diagnostic methods in medicine.  His pioneering clinical applications, including  magnetic resonance spectroscopy and photon migration imaging, have significantly enhanced the scope of noninvasive study of disease
Mullis, Kary B. Dr. Originating the concept of the polymerase chain reaction.  Developed an ingenious simple recipe for copying segments of DNA, the genetic material, thereby contributing to progress in the fields of molecular biology and human genetics and in the early detection of disease.


Patrick,  Ruth Dr.
Senior Curator of Limnology and Honorary Chairman of the Board of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA
Creative achievements in biology and ecology, especially seminal discoveries of the importance of species diversity to the health of aquatic life in rivers, and work on water pollution
Ippen, Erich P. Prof., MIT 
Shank, Charles V. Prof., Berkeley
Pioneering development of ultrashort laser pulses, thereby making possible new discoveries of elementary processes important in physics, biology, chemistry and engineering


Koprowski,  Hilary Dr.
former Director,  Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA now at
Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia
Pioneering contributions to rabies research.  Rabies vaccine developed is first new step in rabies immunization since Pasteur
Vogel, Orville, A. Dr. , Professor Emeritus, Washington State University Invention of semidwarf wheats which have since spread across the world contributing measureably to the food supplies available worldwide



Kamen, Martin D. Dr.  , Professor Emeritus of Biology, University of California Discovery and isolation of the long-lived radioisotope of carbon, Carbon-14
Heeger, Alan J.  Dr., Professor of Physics at the University of California 
MacDiarmid,  Alan G. Dr., Professor of Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania
Pioneering research and invention in the field of metallic conducting polymers made from carbon compounds.


No Awards Made


No Awards Made


Fraser, David William  Dr., President - Swarthmore College, PA..  Distinguished Epidemiologist. For his leading role in the team at the Center for Disease Control and elsewhere in identifying the cause of Legionnaires' Disease
Garfield, Eugene  Dr., President and Chairman, Institute for Scientific Information Pioneering in the field of information retrieval, scientometrics and scientific communication


No Awards Made


Drickamer, Harry G., Prof. Univ. of Illinois Development of high pressure tuning of electronic orbitals
Milstein, Cèsar, Dr., Cambridge, England 
Kohler, Georges, Dr., Switzerland
Discovery of a method for the production of monoclonal antibodies


Kolff, Willem J., MD, Ph.D. Univ. of Utah Contributions to the development of the artitificial kidney and heart
Gould, Gordon, Optelecom, Gaithersburg, MD Invention of the Laser


Sternbach, Leo H., Ph.D., Dr.Tech. h.c. 
Hoffman-LaRoche Company, Nutley, NJ
Invention of benzodiazepines as useful drugs
Fishman, Jack, Prof. Rockefeller Univ. NY 
Blumberg, Harold, Prof.., NY
Invention and development of Naloxone as a morphine antagonist


Black, James Whyte, Prof. 
Wellcome Foundation, London, England 
Citation Classic Paper 
Drugs such as Cimetidine and Propanolol (Cimetidine is used for the medical cure of peptic ulcers; Propanolol is a most useful drug in the treatment of hypertension and various cardiac disorders)
Rubin, Ben, Dr., 
Wyeth Labs, Radnor, PA
Invention of the bifurcated vaccination needle which contributed to the eradication of smallpox


Linvill, John G., Prof. Stanford University,CA 
Bliss, James D., Dr. Palo Alto, CA
Invention of the "Optacon"
Soper, Quentin F., Dr. 
Lilly Research  Laboratories, Indianapolis, IN
Invention of herbicides known as 2,6-Dinitroanilines ("Treflan")


Favaloro, Rene, MD,  Guemes Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Johnson, Dudley, W., MD, Milwaukee, WI 
Citation Classic Commentary
Contributions fo the development of coronary artery bypass surgery
Fuller, Buckminster R., Philadelphia, PA Invention of the geodesic dome


Walsh, Sir Alan, Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Res. Org., Australia Invention of the atomic absorption method for quantitative analysis of the elements
Ames, Bruce N., UCLA, Berkeley 
Citation Classic Commentary
Invention of Salmonella/Microsome Plate Assay (Ames Test)


Hounsfield, Godfrey N., Dr. 
EMI Central Research Labs. Middlesex, England
Invention of the first practical computerized axial tomography system
Edman, Per, Dr.(Deceased prior  award being made) 
Citation Classic Paper
Invention of amino acid sequencer


Clarke, Sir Cyril A., Prof. University of Liverpool, England 
Citation Classic Commentaries  #1 and #2
Freda, Vincent J., Dr., Columbia Univ. NY 
Gorman, John G., Dr., Columbia Univ. NY 
Pollack, William, Dr., Columbia Univ. NY
Invention of the method of prevention of Rhesus Haemolytic Disease
Lorenzen, Coby, Prof. Emeritus 
UCLA, Davis, CA 
Sluka, Steven, UCLA, Davis, CA
Inventions leading to the first practical tomato harvester
Hanna, Gordie C., Olericulturist Emeritus Inventive development of varieties of tomatoes necessary for use of the harvester


Graham, Robert P., Western Regional Research Center, USDA, Berkeley, CA Invention of the dry caustic process of peeling fruits and vegetables 
Holonyak, N., Jr., Prof. University of Illinois 
Citation Classic Commentary 
Inventions leading to the first practical light emitting diode


Kompfner, R. Dr., Stanford University, CA 
Pierce, John R., Prof.,CALTECH, CA
Invention in the development of the "Communications satellites"
Charnley, John, Dr., Manchester, England Invention of the total prosthetic replacement of the hip joint


Suckling, C.W., Dr., Buckinghamshire, U.K. 
Raventos, James, Dr., Cheshire, England
Invention of the inhalent anaesthetic halothane
Koch, Peter, Dr., Alexandria, LA. Invention of the chipping headrig


Reid, J. David, Dr. USDA, New Orleans, LO Inventions contributing substantially and critically to the development of durable press cottons
Skeggs, Leonard T., Dr. VA Hospital, Cleveland,OH 
Citation Classic Commentary
Invention of the automatic analyzer
Anderson, Norman G., Dr.,Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN Invention of the Zonal Ultra Centrifuge


Gunn, J.B., Dr., IBM Research Division 
Yorktown Heights, NY
Invention of the first Gallium Arsenide Microwave Generator
Draper, Charles S.
Charles Stark Draper Lab., MIT
Invention of the first practical inertial guidance system
Lathe, G.H., Professor, Leeds University, England 
Ruthven, C.G.R., Dr., London, England
Invention of the Gel Filtration Technique


Ginsburg, Charles P., Redwood, CA Method of recording pictures in motion on magnetic tape
Morgan, Stephen W.K. Method of recovering zinc by a blast furnace
Mueller, E.W., Penna State University Invention of the field of Ion Microscope and the Atom Probe


Parkes, A.S., Dr.
Christ's College, Cambridge, England 
Smith, Audrey U., Dr. London, U.K. 
Polge, Christopher, Dr. , U.K.
Method of low temperature preservation of living cells and tissues
Stacey, Maurice, Prof. 
Univ. of Birmingham, U.K.
Invention and method of manufacture  of bacterial Dextran, blood plasma substitute 
Jennings, Peter R., Dr. , Columbia, SA 
Chang, T.T., Dr. , Manila, The Phillipines 
Citation Classic Paper 
Beachell, Henry M., Laguna, The Phillipines
Invention of tropical dwarf rice IR 8
Pilkington, Alistair B.
Lancashire, England
Float Glass Process


Davis, Edward W., Prof. Silver Bay, MN Inventions leading to the economic recovery of iron from Taconite ore
Cockerell, Christopher S., Hampshire, U.K. "Ground Effects Machine" known as the Hovercraft


Zoll, Paul M., Medical School, Harvard Univiversity Heart Pacemaker
Fernandez-Moran, Humberto, Prof. Univ.Chicago Diamond knife
Mertz, Edwin T., Prof. Purdue University 
Citation Classic Commentary
Nelson, Oliver E., Dr. Purdue University
First high quality protein corn


Bowles, Romald E., Dr. 
Engineering Corp. Silver Springs, Md. 
Horton, Billy M., 
Warren, Raymond W., 
Harry Diamond Lab, Washington DC
Fluid amplifiers
Hoerni, Jean. Dr. 
Fairchild Camera & Instrument Corp., CA.
Method of achieving true dimensional surface passivation of semi-conductor devices as an integral part of the basic manufacturing process


Kolin, Alexander Prof. (Univ. of California) Electro magnet flow meter
Florey, Sir Howard W., London, England Inventive development and establishment of Penicillin as a therapeutic agent in medicine
Guthrie, John D., New Orleans, LA 
Reeves, Wilson A., New Orleans, LA
Invention of the Tetrakis (Hydroxymethyl) Phosphonium Chloride Process for flame proofing cellulosic textiles
McClure, Frank  T., Johns Hopkins Univ. Md. Invention of the satellite doppler navigation system


Anger, Hal O., UCLA Berkeley Positron Scintillation Camera
Sheehan, John C., MIT Total synthesis of Penicillin and certain analogues of Penicillin
Carlson, Chester W. Invention of the Xerox process
Schachman, H.A., UCLA Berkeley Split Beam, Automatic, Photo-electric absorption optical system for ultra centrifuge


Natta, Guilio, Prof. University of Milan Process for making stereo regular (or isotactic) hydrocarbon polymers
Wain, R.L.,Prof. University of London Group of weed killers known as "Butyric" weed killers
Lowry, Oliver H., Prof. Washington Univ., St. Louis Method of isolating, preparing, weighing and chemically studying single nerve cells and sub cellular particles
Townes, Charles H., Provost MIT Invention of the Maser


Sparke, J.W.
 Aircraft Establishment, Hants, U.K.
RAE visual glide path indicator
Bickel, Horst, Dr., Prof. Pediatrics, 
Univ. Kinderklinik, Marburg, Germany 
Gerrard, John, Prof. Pediatrics, Univ. 
Saskatchewan, Canada 
Hickmans, Evelyn, Wolverhampton, U.K.
Method of controlling Phenylketonuria


Knipling, E.F., Dr., Entomology Res. Div. 
USDA, Maryland 
Bushland, R.C., Dr., Livestock Insects     Investigations, USDA, Texas
Method of eradicating screw worms and other destructive insects by eliminating reproduction through the rearing and release of sufficient sterile male flies
Eckert, J. Presper, Jr.
Remington Rand Univac, Blue Bell, Pa 
Mauchley, John W., Dr., Mauchley Assoc.  Ambler, Pa.
First large-scale electronic computer


Coulter, Wallace H. Invention of the Coulter fine particle counter and size analyzer
Forward, Frank A., Prof., Mining & Metallurgy Dept. Univ. of Br. Columbia Forward process for extracting nickel and other metals from ore concentrates
Williams, F.C., O.B.E., Electrical Eng. Labs, Univ. of Manchester, U.K. Super regenerative responder and other inventions in the radar responder field


Randall, John T., Prof. of Physics 
University of London King's College 
Boot, Henry A.H., Dr.
Cavity Magnetron
Link, Karl P., Dr.  Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin Invention of Dicumarol and of the method of extraction
Lyon, Dean A., Dr.  Method of producing the first practically useful optical coating for the reduction of light reflection


Holmes, Eric L., Research Chemist 
Adams, Basil A. Chemist
First practical synthetic ion exchange resins and their application
Dulbecco, Renato, M.D. 
Dept. of Biochemistry, CALTECH
Method of production of plaques with animal cells
Burroughs, Wise, Dr. 
Animal Husbandry, Iowa State College
Estrogen usage in cattle and sheep feeds
Martin, A.J.P., F.R.S. Chemical Consultant Inventions in chromatography and particularly vapor phase chromatography


Salk, Jonas E., M.D., Prof. of Bacteriology, University of Pittsburgh Salk Poliomyelitis vaccine
Whittle, Air Commodore Sir Frank
Aeronautical Engineer
First practical turbo-jet engine
Burton, Glenn W., Dr. , 
Principal Geneticist 
Georgia Coastal Plan Exp. Station 
Univ. of Georgia College of Agriculture
Coastal Bermuda Grass


Swern, Daniel  Dr. 
Animal Fats Sec., Agricultural Research 
Invention and subsequent development of epoxidized fatty compounds which are used as stabilizing plasticizers for vinyl plastics
Pearson, G.L. Physicist, Bell Labs 
Chapin, D.M. Electrical Engineer, Bell Labs 
Fuller, C.S., Chemist, Bell Labs
Invention of the Bell Solar Battery


McFadden, Edgar S., Agronomist, Agricultural Exp. Station, Texas A&M Origination and development of the first rust-resistant bread wheat
Olson, Harry F., Dr. 
Acoustical & Electro-mechanical Res. Lab 
RCA Labs, Radio Corp. of America
Invention of the Velocity Microphone
Beams, Jesse W., Prof. of Physics 
University of Virginia
Inventions in the field of centrifugation and particularly the magnetically supported centrifuge


Williams Robley C., Dr. , 
Prof. of Biophysics, UCLA
Invention of a method of depositing thin metal films by thermal evaporation which has found practical application in mirror coatings for astronomy and in electron microscopy
Du Vigneaud, Vincent, Prof. of Biochemistry, Cornell Univ. Med. College Synthesis of the important posterior pituitary hormone, oxytocin
Camras, Marvin, Research Physicist, Armour Research Fnd. of Ill. Inst. of Tech Method and means of obtaining distortion free magnetic recording through high frequency bias
Bardeen, John, Prof. Physics & Elec. Eng. 
University of Illinois 
Brattain, Walter H., Dr., Bell Telephone Lab
Invention of the transistor
Sikorsky, Igor T., Sikorsky Aircraft, Div. of United Aircraft Corp. Invention of the first practically useful single sustaining rotor helicopter
Powers, John B., Dept. of Agriculture, UCLA Color sorter for fruits and vegetables


Houdry, Eugene T. Inventions in the catalytic cracking process for the refining of petroleum
Gibbon, John H., Dr., 
Prof.  of  Surgery & Dir. of Surgical Res., Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia
Invention of the heart-lung apparatus


Seaborg, Glenn T. Dr., Prof. of Chemistry, UCLA Discovery and invention of the transuranium elements - Plutonium, Americium, Curium, Berkelium and Californium
Alvarez, Louis Walter, Dr., Prof. of Physics, UCLA Invention of the ground control approach radar landing system


Couch, James F., Dr., Chemist in charge of Tobacco Section, USDA Process for the extraction of rutin from buckwheat
Plunkett, Roy J., Dr.,  Organic Chemicals Dept. E.I. Dupont de Nemours & Co. Invention of polytetrafluoroethylene


No Awards Made


Caldwell, Frank W., Director of Research United Aircraft Corp. Development of controllable pitch propeller
Bennett, Harry T., Chief Chemist, Mid Continental Petroleum Corp. Stabilization of cracked gasoline
Story, LeRoy G., Dr. Associated with Swift & Co. stabilization of Cracked gasoline
King, Charles Glen, Dr. Scientific Director, The Nutrition Foundation, Inc Isolation and identification of Vitamin C
Waksman, Selman A., Dr., Prof of Microbiology, Rutgers University Discovery and development of Streptomycin


Tuve, Merle A., Dr., Director, Carnegie Inst. Development of Proximity Fuze
Kharasch, Morris S., Prof. of Chemistry. University of Chicago Development of organic mercurial seed disinfectants


Seibert, Florence B. Dr., Assoc. Prof. Biochemistry, Henry Phipps Inst.  Development of the purified protein derivative of Tuberculin


Kerst, Donald W.  Dr. Betatron or induction electron accelerator


Goodhue, Lyle D. Dr. Invention of aerosol insecticides
Cohn, Edwin J.  Dr. Methods of yielding separated blood proteins of therapeutic value
Goodpasture, Ernest W.  Dr. Growth of viruses in chick embryos
Doering, William E.  Dr. 
Woodward, Robert B. Dr.
Total synthesis of quinine
Schull, George H. Dr. Origination of hybrid corn


Fleming, Sir Alexander Discovery of Penicillin


Dandy, Walter E., M.D. Development of Ventriculography
Bush, Vannevar, Dr. Development of the differential analyzer
Garand, John C. Invention of the U.S. Rifle Cal. .30 MI
Jackson, Chevalier, M.D. Devising instruments and methods useful in Bronchoscopy
Shope, Richard E.  Dr. Discovery of the complex etiology of swine influenza
Stader, Otto  Dr. Invention of the reduction and fixation bone splint


Armstrong, Major Edwin H. Work in frequency modulation in radio
Williams, Robert R.  Dr. Work in Thiamin (Vitamin B1)
Robinson, Vice Admiral Samuel Murray Outstanding wok in warship design and construction
Taylor, Arthur Hoyt, Dr. Important researches in application of radio to naval purposes


Wangensteen, Owen H., M.D. Development of syphonage treatment of intestinal obstruction


No Awards Made


No Awards Made


Stanley, Wendell M. Isolation of the tobacco mosaic virus in crystalline form
Land, Edwin H. Invention of a substance designated "Polaroid"


Graham, Evarts A.  Dr. Application of the X-Ray in the treatment of the gall bladder
Coolidge,  W.D.  Dr. Application of new principle in x-ray tubes
Langmuir, Irving  Dr. Physical-chemical discoveries resulting in improved incandescent lamps


Kettering, Charles F. Invention of the first electrical-mechanical self starter for use in connection with automobiles
Kelley, George S. Invention of the Kelley dust trap used in the prevention of Silicosis
Ewing, James  M.D. Pioneer work in classifying tumors, a discovery of incalculable value in the treatment of malignant growths.


No Awards Made


Mehl, Robert F. Dr. Radiography of metals
Richards,  A. Newton Dr. Function of the kidneys
Tesla, Nikola  Dr. Polyphase system of generating, transmitting, distributing and utilizing electricity


Conrad, Frank   Dr. Application of short wave radio
Minot, George Richards, M.D. Liver cure in pernicious anemia
Neesson, C.R.
Galson, H.L.
Heller, H.C.
Steinfeld, H.K.
Production of the De la Vergne airconditioning apparatus


Budd, Edward G. A novel method of welding, designated shot welding of stainless steel, and its fabrication into structural members of very light weight and high sustaining power. 
Emerson, George H Water tube fire box boilers for steam locomotive
Emmet, W.L.R. Mercury vapor boiler and its practical application for power purposes
Slepian, Joseph  Discoveries in the field of deionization of gases and fundamental and outstanding inventions involving these discoveries


Marconi, Guglielmo Wireless telegraphy
Vauclain, Samuel M Manifold improvements in steam locomotive
Temple, Robert M. Benjamin Franklin dough mixing and kneading machine
Emery, Albert H. Mechanical device for testing materials
Peters, Orville S. Electric telemeter, a recording device for noting the stresses in 
bridge members, etc. 
Kingsbury, Albert Thrust bearing for use in ships and heavy machinery
Herr, Herbert T. Miscellaneous inventions and discoveries in the field of reduction gearing used in connection with the turbo-electric drive; for the air-brake for checking speed of trains; for improvements in steam turbins and internal combustion engine
Drinker, Philip
Shaw, Louis A.
Apparatus for administration of artificial respiration
de la Cierva, Juan
Pitcairn, Harold F.
Invention of the autogiro, its improvement and development as a propelling and stabilizing force for "heavier than air" craft, and its introduction into America
Carrier, Willis H. Apparatus for air conditioning


No Awards Made


DeForest, Lee, Electrical Engineer Audio used in radio
Dubbs, Carbon P., Chem. Eng. Process for economically producing gasoline on a large scale
Field, Allan Bartram, Elec. Eng. Mathematical paper on eddy currents in large slot-wound conductors
Levaditi, Constantin, M.D.
Sazerac, Robert, M.D.
(Both of Pasteur Institute)
Joint discovery of the use of Bismuth in the treatment of Syphilis
Edison, Thomas A. Numerous inventions


Evans, Herbert M, M.D. Anti-sterility vitamin
McBride, Thomas C., M.E. Locomotive feed water heater
Bovie, William T., M.D. Development of an electro-surgical apparatus
Arnold, Harold D., Ph.D. Development of the three-electrode high vacuum thermionic tube


Amaral, Alfranio do, Dr. Preparation of Antivenins
Hess, Alfred F., M.D. Method of producing a vitamin factor in food by ultra-violet light
Ives, Herbert E., Physicist Electrical telephotography and television
Kneass, Strickland L. Exhaust steam injector
Knowles, Dewey DeForest Grid glow tube
Rous, Peyton, M.D. Devices and development of a filtration technique for separation from tumor cells a substance producing sarcomain fowls


Earle, Ralph, Educator and Engineer 14" naval railway gun mounts and mine barrage across the North Sea, used in World War
Elman, Gustaf W., Physicist Permalloy and its application in transmission of messages
Hayes, Harvey C., Ph.D. Sonic depth finder and other submarine signalling devices


Mousekeeper, William G., E.E. Method of sealing through glass, metals having widely different expansion coefficients -- known as "copper glass seal" and is gas tight
Morton, Charles H. Development of grinding and invention of apparatus for precision grinding
Harrison, Ross G., Ph.D., M.D. Method of  tissue culture, etc. 
Barber, Marshall A., Ph.D. Devices for the micro-dissection of living cells
Wright, Orville Development of Flying Machines


Banting, Frederick G., M.D. Research leading to a potent extract of the pancreas-insulin.
Coblentz, William W., Ph.D. Thermophiles and radiometers for measuring stellar radiation
McCollum, Elmer Verner, Ph.D. Sc.D. Research on Vitamins
Modjeski, Ralph, D.Eng. Skill and success in building of large bridges


Day, Arthur L, Ph.D., Sc.B. Organization of the Geophysical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution.  Development of fine optical glass in this country (formerly derived only from Germany).
Eijkman, C J, M.D. First produced, experimentally, a disease like Beri-Beri by feeding polished rice to chickens.  This work has been applied to man and has called attention to an unrecognized element in food and started the study of dietary disease.
Aston, Francis William, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S. Development of the mass-spectrography and its use in the study of isotopes
Thomson, Sir Joseph John, O.M., F.R.S., LL.D, Ph.D, D.Sc. Development of the physics of the electron and the identification of it as the Atom of Negative Electricity

Duane, William, Ph.D. Research in radio-activity and of the physics of radium and x-rays
Osborne, Thomas, Ph.D. Fundamental studies on the constitution of the vegetable proteins
Fessenden, Reginald A.  Invention of a reception scheme for continuous wave telegraphy as distinguished from the damped or spark system used by Marconi
Haynes, Elwood, B.S. Produced an alloy consisting of practically pure nickel and pure chromium; also an alloy named "Stellite". Discovered stainless steel.


Curie, Marie Skladowska Discovery of radium and the determination of its radioactive properties


Hartness, James  M.E.
Invention of high powered machine tools                                                                  
Kandall, Edward C., Ph.D.
Research on Thyroxin
Mees, Charles E. Kenneth, D.Sc.
Research on structure of photographic images
Noguchi, Hideyo, M.D.
Research on the cause and prevention of Yellow Fever


Dressler, Conrad D’Huc  Dressler Tunnel Kiln
 Fahy, Frank P.  Fahy Permeameter
Sweetland, Ernest J.  Sweetland Filter Press


Bilyeu, Thomas  International Money Machine.
McCall, Thomas A. Hooven Automatic Typewriter.
Schoop, Max Ulrich Schoop Metal Spraying Process
Tattersall, Alfred Rishworth Midget Marvel Flour Mill
Yeomans, Lucien I.  Method of Machine Construction


Akeley, Carl E.  Cement Gun
Dorr, John V. N. Hydrometallurgical Apparatus
Hanson, Hans 
Hart, Frederick A.
Invention Embodied in John Underwood & Co. 's Combined Typewriting and Calculating Machine 


Anderson, Harold N.  Gear Rolling Machine
Goldberg, Hyman E.
Wahl, J.C.
Adding Machine, Calculating Attachment for Typewriters 
Hardinge, H. W. Conical Pebble Mill
Street, Clement F. Locomotive Stoker


Batdorf, Chas . S.  Coin counting and wrapping machine
Cerasoli. Alberto and Humphrey, HA. Humphrey Pump
Guillaume, Chas. Edward Alloy Invar
Kent, Arthur Atwater Unisparker, Ignition System
Sperry, E.A. Gyroscopic Compass
Spielman, Adolph Cloth Cutting Machine


Higgins, A.
Jacobs, C.
Alundum refractories


Alger, H.C. Liquid measurer
Cowper-Coles, Sherard Process for depositing metals on metallic surfaces
McKee, M.A. Process of treating printing plates


Behrend, Bernard Arthur High speed electric generators


Baekeland, Dr. Leo H. Bakelight
Lovekin, L.D. Device for relieving forces due to inertia and weight of valve gears
Reno, J.W. Escalator, Inclined Elevator
Tirrill, A.A. Voltage Regulator
Welin, A. Life saving appliances on board ships


Colby, E.A. Electric furnace for melting metals
Dietz, Gustav High speed photographic between-lens shutter
Ellis, H. Combined calculating and writing machine
Herr, H.A. Liquid extracting by hydraulics automatically
Jewell, Major R.
Powers, Timothy B.
Kelly, John F.
Telelectric piano player
McFarlan Moore, D. The Moore light
Pfatischer, Matthais Improvement in variable speed motors
Shore, A.F. Scieroscope
Wetzel, F.J. Automatic Mechanical Stoker
Jenkins, C.F. Motion picture apparatus


Ballentine, William I.  Process of testing the hardness and density of metals
Reagan, J. Improvements in grate bars
Talbot, B. Improvements in the manufacturing of steel


Engelhard, C. Heraeus LeChatelier Pyrometer
Frahm, Herman Speed Indicator, Frequency Teller and Revolution Center
Ives, F.E. New color meter
Sargent, C.E. Complete expansion gas engine
Walter, L.H. Detection of electrical oscillations
Wood, R.W. Prof Diffraction color photographs


Browning, John M.
(Colt's Patent Fire Arms Mfg.)
Automatic pistols
Chenoweth, Alexander C.  Steel concrete foundation piles
Heraeus, W . C. Quartz gloss mercury lamp
Palmer, Frederick 
Reynolds, J.R.
Tirrell, J.P.
Engine stop and speed limit system
Reed, Chas. J Speed-Jack.
Schmidt, Max E.  Moving platforms


Downes L. W. Fireproof insulated wire
Byron, E. Process for flame regulation
Frazer Dr. P. Quantitative colorimetry
Hallowell, Howard T. Shaft hangers
Ives, F.E. New form of replica of rowland diffraction grating
Kurtz, David T. Process of electrically welding heads in caps and screw and  bolts
Nernst Lamp Company Incandescent lamp
Parkinson, Edward Knitting machine
Rondinella, Lino F. Photo-printing machine
Rosenbaum W.A. Automatic hydraulic letter copying press
Semple, John Bonner Sheel torch or tracer   *
Walter, Dr. B. Schaltung, an electric switch
Wehnelt, Dr. A. Interrupter for induction machines


Brill, John A.  Convertible and Semi-convertible Cars, "Eureka" maximmum traction truck
Burrows, Amos E. Feed Water Regulator
Campbell, Charles H.
Campbell, Pearl T.
Reconstructed Milk 
Doble, Wm. A Improvement in the form of baskets for tangential water wheel
Dodge, James M.  Storage structure for coal and analogous material
Heany, John Allen  Enclosed arc lamp
Ives, Frederick B Parallax Stereogram
Furbish, Zachary T. Ratchet Tools
Jones, Evan William Underfeed Mechanical Stoker
Lattig, J. William Automatic Electric Semaphore Signal
von Z. Loss, H.V. Manufacturer of solid steel railway wheels by hydraulic forging with subsequent rolling
Moore Lee C.  Wire testing machine
Nichols, H.B.
Voynow, C.B.
Cast zinc joint for railroad bonding
See, Horace  Hydro-Pneumatic Ash Ejector
Shuman, F. Concrete pile for foundations
 Wheeler, Dr. Schuyler S.  Electric Buzz Fan


Burger, Henri J. Photo-Polychrome Printing Press
Cross, William A.  Horizontal Folding Doors
Duncan, Joseph S. Addressograph
McCurdy Arthur W. Apparatus for developing photographic roll films
Mellor L.B. Device for measuring and recording the variable diameter of tubes
 Morse, Everett F.  Heat Gauge
Sachs, J. Enclosed fuse protective devices
Taylor, C.M. Jr. Adsorption process for butter making


Bradley, Andrew J. Stencil machine
Claud, George M.A.
Hess, George A.
Fouche, Edmund
Process of storing explosive gases
Hammer, William J. Telephone relay - Long distance phonographic and telephonic sound experiments between New York and Philadelphia.
Hermann, Henry O. Star ventilator
Ihlder, J.D.
Smith, A.C.
Sundh, August
Otis, Sidney
Electric Elevator
Leonard, H.W. System of motor control
Lewis, Wilfred
Tabor, Harris
Mumford, E.
Molding machines
Lincoln, P.M. Synchronism Indicator
Rites, F.M. Shaft governors
Schellenbach, William S. System of gearing
Stieringer, L. Improvements in the art of electric illumination
Walsh, Edward M.
Walsh, Sydney B.
Method of making large objects from adventurine glass
Wirt, Charles Rheostat


Acheson, Edward  C. Process for Artificial Production of Graphite
Adt, J.B. Tobacco Machines
Albert, C.F. Improvements in Musical Instruments
American Prismatic Light Company Light projecting glass
Bardwrell, Arthur F. Votometer
Blakey, Thos. Wilkinson
Courtenay, William
Reconstructed granite as a material for insulating purposes
Blickensderfer, Geo. C.  Typewriting Machine
Carney, Thomas 
Patterson, J.H.
Patterson, F. J.
Cook, Hugh
Improvements in Cash Registers 
Darling, J. D.  Electrical Production of Metals and Nitric Acid from Fused Nitrates
Dobbins, Edward  J. 
Moffat, George
Improvement in Light Projecting Glasses 
Dock, Herman Tool for cutting screw threads - The Rivett-Dock thread tool
Gillespie, Alfred J. Voting machines
Hahl, Augustus L. Improved pneumatic clock
Haines, Robert B., Jr. Automatic Micrometer rolling mill plate gauge
Humphrey, Frank A. Circular saw machine and guide
Kneass, Strickland L. Improvements on injectors
Mershon, Ralph D. Station Potential indicator or compensator
Morse, Everett F. Drive chain
Richards, Joseph Balance for testing white metal alloys
Shimer, Porter W. Combustion crucible
Thomson, Elihu Constant electric current arc light transformer


Bell, Chichester A.
Tainter, Summer
Graphophone - Apparatus for recording sound
Reinhold Hakewessel & F.C. Henn Automatic Screw and Metal Working Machine
Hopkins, Nevil Monroe  Pneumatic System for Preventing the Bursting of Water Pipes by Freezing
Hough, James
Laughlin, Samuel J. 
Drawing tables
Lowry, George A. Improved press for cotton, wool, jute - Baling Machine
Swenson, Magnus (American Cotton Company) Round-lap baling cotton compress
Wait, William B. The Kleidograph, Machine for tangible writing for touch reading


Batcheller, B.C.  Pneumatic Dispatch Tube Apparatus
Fellows, E.R. Machine and cutter for generating gear teeth
Fisher, Robert T. Book and Letter Typewriter
Groupe, A.V. Braiding machine
Moskowitz, Morris Improved system of car lighting
Sexton, Albert  Slide Rule (Omnimeter)
Steinhart, Alfred
Uehling, Edward, A.
Gas Composimeter


Blondel, Andre
Paarowdaki, Spiridion
Holophane globes 
Cooper, Daniel M. Time recorder
Dunn, Lt. B.W. Testing machine for measuring intensities of impulsive forces
Hyatt, John W. Elastic spiral anti-friction roller bearings
Jackson, Walter W.
Connet, Frederick N.
Venturi Meter
Mueller, Herman C. Process of and apparatus for manufacturing mosaics
Reddaway, Frank Camel hair belting
Sayen, Henry Lyman Improvement in Roentgen-Ray apparatus
Severy, Melvin L. Impression process
Steinhart, Alfred
Uehling, Edward A.
Pneumatic pyrometer
Willmunder, Herman Swivel loom


Almond, Thomas R. Flexible metallic tube
Berliner, Emile Gramophone
Brown, Edward Improvements in pyrometers
Burroughs, W.S. (American Arithmometer Company) Calculating machine
Durkee, G.B. and 
Golding, John F.
Expanded Metal
LeClere, Francis Black Printing Process
Levy, Louis E.
Levy, Max
Screens for photo-mechanical engraving
Morris, Henry G.
Salom, Pedro G.
Automobile vehicle (Electrobat)
Outerbridge, Alexander E. Jr. Investigations in the molecular physics of cast iron
Williams, John N. Typewriting machine
Webster, William R. Observations on relations between chemical constitution and 
ultimate strength of steel


Balzer, Stephen M. Device for backing off and forming milling cutters
Carroll, William T. Non metallic bearings
Crehore, Albert Cushing
Squier, George, O.
Polarizing Photo-Chronograph 
Grant, George B. Improved calculating machine
Hopkins, Edward P. Electric Arc Lamp
Johnston, A. Langstaff Bonding joint for electrical railways
Marsden, Mark W. Corn pith cellulose
McCracken, Edwin D. Insulated electrical conductors
Milliau, Edward Apparatus for  analyzing fats and oils
Printiss, Harry S. Automatic calendar
Richards, Joseph Solder for aluminum


Bates, Albert J.  Valve trips for Corliss Engine
Beadle,  Clayton; Bevan, Edward  J and Cross, Charles F.. Cellulose Products
Goldstein, Albert Pneumatic fire alarm telegraph system
Jandus, William Incandescent arc lamp
Stackhouse, Thomas H. Diagraph
Willins, Peter William Steam engine


Acheson, Edward G. Carborundum
Bramwell, William C. Feeding machine for fibrous material
Branson, David
Thornburgh, Robert D.
Fuller, J.E.
Starr, John E.
System of artificial refrigeration through street pipe lines from central stations
Bramwell, William C. Feeding machine for fibrous material
Cleborne, Dr. Christopher James U.S. Naval bedstead
Dunham, Joseph N.
McKemmil, John
Metallic drawing rolls
Edson, Jarvis B. Pressure recording gauge
Marchlet, George F., Jr.
Reichhelm, E.P.
System of producing fuel gas 
Morsell, W.F.C. Application of complementary color designs and crystal patterns
Payen, Clement Chloride electrical storage battery
Perry, Nelson W. System of series of electric traction for railways
Pontrichet, F. Heliographic paper. Black print process.
Priestman, Samuel
Priestman, William Dent
The Priestman Oil Engine 
Riefler, Sigmund Mercurial Compensation Pendulum for clocks of precision
Shuman, Frank S. Process and apparatus for embedding wire netting in glass
Spiro, Charles  Improvement in typewriters - Barlock Typewriter
Tweddell, Ralph Hart Application of hydraulic power to mechanical work
Weidig, Dr. H.P. Chemical fire extinguisher
Wilkin, John T. Method and apparatus for generating cycloidal surfaces
Wurts, Alexander J. Lightning arresters for lighting and power circuits and non-arching metal


Baldwin, F. Ruel Boiler tube cleaner
Berkefeld, W. Germ proof water filter
Bridgman, Henry L. Automatic ore sampling machine
Field, D.W. and 
Spencer, John E.
Spencer Damper Regulator
LaRue, Silas H. Improved stove for soft or bituminous coal


Almond, Thomas R. Angular coupling
Bennor, Joseph Knitting machines
Burton, George D. System of electrical  forging
Clark, George, S. Improvements in safety vaults
Emerson, James Power Scale
Fuller, Frederick L.
Griswald, George  H.
Cash registers, indicators
Gibbons, C.L. Improvement in street railway construction
Jones, John R. Method of rolling tapered axles
Lundgren, Charles M. Incandescent gas light
McClellan, Ezra S. Anti-siphon trap-vent
Meylan, Eugene and
Reckniewski, Camille S.
Electric Meter
Shay, Ephraim Patent geared locomotive


Anderson, William Process of Water Purification
Dodge, Wallace H. System of Rope Transmission
Garrod, R. P. Pneumatic Annunciator
Goetz, G.M. Goetz-Mitchell system of anchoring beams
Hadfield, Sir Robert A. Discovery of Manganese Steel
Hannay, J. B.
Shedlock, Alfred
Improved System of Illumination Known as Lucigen
Hart, Edward Improved hydrofluoric acid container
Hart, W. Hoisting machines
Johnson, E. H. System of Interior Conduits for home electrical wiring
LeClere, Francis Differential Gear Wheel / Toothed Gear Wheel
Mason, A. J.  Washer-Punching Machine
Pentz, A.D. Boring and milling engine
Roeder, Fred A.
Springer, Fred
Improvements in torsion balance
Speidel, John G. Hoisting machines
Stahlberg, C. Time dating stamp
Vauclain, Samuel M. Improvements in making truck-wheel centers
Williams, C.D. Revolving show window


Bristol, W.H. Recording pressure gauge
Burton, W. Leigh, M.D. Electric heater
Chenoweth, Alexander C. Method of laying continuous electrical conduits
Ehbets, C.J. Colts new Navy Revolver
Felt, Dorr E. Comptometer
Lopex de Haro, A. Electric sea compass; automatic electric log line
Hellings, J. Mail bag fastening
Hobson, A.E. Hydraulic shaping press
Ives, F.E. Projecting lantern and appurtenances
Lowe, J. Spinning mule
MacCoy, J.S. Pneumatic tool
McIntire, C. Electric wire connectors
Merket, Luzerne and Thomas, Almer Tempered copper
Meyers, J.G. Improved mausoleum
Richards, T.A. Ruling machine
Ridgway, W.H. Balanced crane
Root, J.B. "Spiral Weld" tubing
Van Kannel, T. Storm door
Wootten, J.E. Locomotive and boiler


Abt, R. System of mountain railways
Atkinson, J. Gas engine
Castner, H.Y. Manufacture of sodium and potassium
Edison, T.A. Mimeograph
Koyl, C.H. Parabolic Semaphore
Maddox, R.L. Substitution of gelatin for collodion in photography
Marks, A.A. Artificial limbs
Mergenthaler, O. Linotype
Shaw, T. Instrument for testing ignitible gases in mines
Teal, C.A. Portable hoist
Thomson, Elihu Electric welding
White, O.C. Adjustable extension movement in ball and socket joints; 
with protest against award


Cyclostyle Company Cyclostyle
Gates, John Lubricator
Hexamer, C.J. Preventing and extinguishing explosive fires in grinding mills
Hyatt, I.S. Pure water system
Outerbridge, A.E. Jr. Carbonizing fabrics and obtaining castings therefrom
Woodruff, W.N. System of keying for machinery
Ziegler, G.W. Trestles and scaffolding system


Bilgram, H. Bevel gear cutter
Cowles, Eugene H. and Alfred H. Electric smelting furnace
Hallock, D. Weighing scales
Ives, F.E. Isochromatic photography
March, L.J. Improvements in the magic lantern
Spellier, L.H. Electric clock


Callahan, Edward A.; Delany, Patrick B.; LaCour, Paul Improvements in synchronous multiplex telegraphy
Chabot, C. Forming bevelled rims on watch casesWheel hubs
Grau, P.J. Feed water purifier and heater
Green, F.V. Extracting oil and albuminoid matter from corn
Hall, M.W. Duplex steam pump
Moser, L. Bohemian glassware
Phelps, L.J. Induction telegraph
Phoenix Iron Company Automatic cut-off steam engine
Pratt & Whitney Company System of interchangeable cut gears
Yaryan, H.T. System of evaporation in vacuo


Chabot, C. Shoe sewing machine
Chabot, C. Sole channelling machine
Chabot, C. Sole edge turning machine
Doerr, John Henry and Wigmore, William H. Sleeping car
Orum, Morris L. Lock
Siemens, Frederick Regenerative gas burner
Spratt, Orlands W. Mercury seal trap
Townsend, I. Tent slip
Wills, S. Journal bearing and car axle-box


Bennor, Joseph Siphon trap
Burrell, John M. and Metzler, C.E. Railway signal lantern
Eldridge, G.M. Electro magnetic protector for electrical instruments
Jay, P.E. Automatic anti-freezing valve
Woodbury, C.J.H. Testing electric light mains


Ashford, H. Boat attaching and detaching apparatus
Beecher, J. Hollow handled cutlery
Blodgett Bros. Electric signal clock
Brehmer, Hugo and Heyl, Henry Rand Wire book sewing machine
Eckstein, H.G. Feed water heater
Hall, T. Typewriter
Nacke, A. Screw cutting attachment
Pratt & Whitney Co. Taps and gauges
Shaw, Thomas Friction buffer
Whitall, H. Planisphere


Bilgram, H. Gearing for metal planers
Kemble, B.H. Wheel hubs


No Awards Made


R. Datton & Co. Mowing machine
Goodwin, William Farr New Mechanical Movement
Miller, D.K. Self-locking padlock
Seymour, C. Balance for pulleys, fly wheels, etc.


Behrns, G.L.H. and Bremar, A Aspirator for mill stones
Grant, G.B. Calculating machine
Shaw, Thomas Spiral exhaust nozzle


Chambers, C. Brick Machine
Orum, Morris L. Mandrel for bending metal pipes


Baker, J.G. Pressure blower
Brittin, J.W. and Brittin, Tatham B. Safety catch for elevators
Carleton, C
Wilcox, Charles H.
Automatic tension and improvements in sewing machines
Davis, J.A. Vertical feed for sewing machines
Gliddens C.,  Latham  Sholes C., 
Soule  Samuel W.
Goodes, E.A. Sewing machine
Goodyear, R.B. Harness Motion for Power Looms
Goodyear, R.B. Shuttle box operating mechanism
Heyl, H.R. Wire fastened paper boxes
Hutchins & Mabbitt Tilting chair
J.Mortan Poole & Co. Invention for grinding metallic calendar rolls
Prunty, J.E. Relief valve
Roots, P.H. and F.M. Rotary pressure blower
Rorer, T.J. Improved belting
Tyson, C. Machine to unite uppers to the soles of boots and shoes
G. Wale & Co. The college lantern


Baldwin, F.S. Calculating Machine
Chambers, C. Book folding and pasting machine
Westinghouse, G. Jr.  Railway car brake


Irwin, J.H. Lantern
Wharton, William Jr. Safety Railway Switch


No Awards Made


Shaw, Thomas Gunpowder pile driver


No Awards Made


Richardson, J.H. Improved signal lantern

1861- 1867

 No Awards Made


Ritchie, E.S. Improved Rhumkorff Coil


Fawkes, J.W. Steam Plow


Francis J.B.. Tooth Extractor


No Awards Made


Chauvenet, W. Great Circle Protractor
Dale, J.D. Wood moulding machine


No Awards Made


Atkins, J. Self-Raking Automaton Reaper and Mower
Bates, R. Instrument for the cure of stammering
McMahan, J. Stereotype
Thum, C.D. Varnish Brushes


Dilks, J.. Water guages
Faber, G. Magnetic Water Guage
Receveur, P.N. Rose Engine (Lathe)
Senneff, J. Metallic Heddles


Goddard, K. Carriage Axle
Parsons, L.H. Scale measure 


Grimes, W.C. Water guage for steam boilers


Carnell, C. Brick Machine


Villeroi, M. Telescope


Colton, Sabin W. Locks
Heckrotte, A.G. Car coupling
Palmer B.F. Artificial Leg
Stellwagon H.S. Sounding Apparatus


Parker, Zebulon Water Wheel


No Awards Made


Jones Alfred C. Shaft Couplings


Anderson, L File cutting
Babbitt, I. Soft metal boxes
Calderhead A. Looms
Grimes W.E. Smut machine
Hill T.  Occulator


Forten R.B. Telescope
Richardson Door Spring
Saxton J. Reflecting pyrometer


Babbitt I. Axle boxes for railway cars
Jenks, W. Fire Arms
Kite J.S. Safety beam
Merrick & Towne Boring Machine
Naglee H.M. Flat bar or edge rail for railroad curves
Olds C.  Planting machine
Peale F. Coining presses at the U.S. Mint, Philadelphia
Rhoads J. Map for the blind
Strickland W. Substitution of lime for salt for preserving ships
Winslow SE Pivot scale beam


Denison, L.C. Corn sheller
Ridgeway, T.S. Jr. Transit theodolite
Wood T. Fountain Pen


Bean E.W. Ascertaining latitude


Elmer & Little Chronometer
Mahan F Measure case ruler, stereotyping


Prutzman, Augustus Door Lock


Bassett N. East and west compasses
Burt, W.A. Instrument to determine the variation of the compass
Ewbank, Thomas Lead pipes
Holcomb, Amos Reflecting telescope
McMullen, John Knitting machine for knitting stockings.
Tyler, Philos Shifting gauge cock


No Awards Made


Brooks, Adam  of Scituate, MA Macine by which silk can be wound off from cocoons and then formed into sewing silk by one operation.
Stephens, John of Philadelphia, PA Improved door lock by which one bolt answers the end of a latch bolt.


Barribino, Dr. C.N., Philadelphia, PA Improved stomach pump.
Breed, Samuel D., Philadelphia, PA Mode of cementing gum elastic or caoutchouc to leather.


Smith, T.H. of Baltimore, MD. Drill to sow cotton seed, corn and other grains.
Jennings, Joseph of New York House warmer and cooking apparatus combined.
Fairlamb JP and Dunot M., Wilmington, DE Water cracker and biscuit machine


Aiken, Henry of Drawcut, MA Knife to split leather straps for the use of workers in leather.
Whiting, Ebenezer of Bershire, Tioga County, NY Saw set.


Kelsey, Franklin of Middletown, CT Washing machine
Larcum, Amos of Albany, NY Washing Machine
Russel, James of NY Bell-Index - which prevents the necessity of hanging a bell for each apartment in the bar-room of a hotel, or in the kitchen or servants' hall of a private dwelling.


Smith, Francis H. of Baltimore, MD Improvement in musical glasses by which a piece of music can be played on any key, according to their arrangement.  These glasses are adapted to church music and are actually in use in a church at Harrisburgh.
Corr, Owen of Chambersburgh, PA Apparatus to butt and joint shingles.  It gives a straight edge with one cut.


Eastman, Robert of Brunswick, ME Improved rotary saw machine for sawing clap boards.
Woodhouse, Joseph of Otego county, NY Paper-cutting machine.
Corl, Abraham of Pugh Town, Chester County, PA Drill for clock and watchmaker's work
Taylor, Joel of Danbury CT Apparatus for dying hats
Powles, Daniel of Baltimore, MD Beadstead which can be put up and taken down by any person, owing to the peculiar construction of the joints and is proof against insects.
Powles, Daniel


No Awards Made


Freymuth, Benjamin Ingenious Chamber Alarm Bell which can be attached to a watch
Jenckes, John C. of Providence, RI Apparatus to enable persons with fractured limbs to be moved in their positions in bed, without injury.

1824 and 1823

No Awards Made


Goodwin, Samuel Front Door Lock
Ewing, Dr. James Screw-cock Hydrant
Sellers, Coleman Simple and effectual cupping instrument
Barnitt, Thomas Press to force out the unnecessary quantity of tar absorbed by yarn in the manufacture of cordage
Conard, Isaac of Lampeter township, Lancaster County, PA Simple and effectual barrow to plant Indian corn
Harper, George Two drills - one for potatoes and one for seeds
Shotwell, William Garden weeder
Welford, Robert and Deas, James H. Improved plane and frictionless rollers, for planing floors.
Niell, Daniel Vertical printing press
Gardette, James Three mechanical improvements in his profession of dentistry which are highly commended in Europe and the United States - a simple lever instrument for easy and expeditious extraction of teeth, and stumps of teeth.
Nicholls, Jonathan of Providence RI Portable carriage spring seat 
Meer, John  Razor strop
Jones, Mrs. Frances Improvement in the apparatus for making patent Lint