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Abt HA 10-July-2009 - - HistCites on HA Abt.
Alberts, Bruce 29-Apr-2005 -- -- HistCites on Bruce Alberts
Allison PD 28-Feb-2006 - - HistCites on PD Allison
Ames BN 9-Jul-2009 510 G1-G2 Papers in WoS by Ames BN
Annual Reviews 2010 -- -- HistCite Listing of Annual Reviews - Editions
Armstrong JS 17-Dec-2007 117 G1-G2 Publications by J. Scott Armstrong
Armstrong w/citing papers 17-Dec-2007 2905 G1-G2 Publications by J. Scott Armstrong and the papers citing JS Armstrong
Avise JC 13-Dec-2004 - - HistCites on JC Avise
Avery OT 11-Jan-2007 - - HistCites on OT Avery as well as HistCites on Watson & Crick
Ayala FJ Feb-2011 -- -- HistCite collections on FJ Ayala Sr.
Barker CF 6-June-2008 - - HistCites on Barker CF
Beck AT 15-Sept-2006 273 G1-G2 Papers by AT Beck
Bernal JD Sept-2011 - - HistCites on JD Bernal
Beutler, Bruce 20-Oct-2011 367 G1-G2 All Papers in WoS by "B Beutler"
Bibliometrics & Scientometrics 02-Apr-2008 - -- Various HistCites on Bibliometrics and Scientometrics
Blackburn EH 15-Sept-2006 - - HistCites on EH Blackburn
Bliss HE 09-June-2008 98 G1-G2 Papers citing Henry Evelyn Bliss
Bluestein HistCites 14-Feb-2011 - - HistCites on the work of Danny Bluestein
Blumberg HistCites 14-Feb-2011 - - HistCites on BS Blumberg
Bohr, Niels HistCites 18-Apr-2005 -- -- HistCites on Niels Bohr
Born, Max 13-Oct-2005 - - HistCites on Max Born
Braun, Tibor Nov-2011 - - HistCites on the work of Tibor Braun
Bray PF 17-Oct-2009 - - HistCites collections on PF Bray
Brent June-2011 - - HistCites on David A Brent and Robert L Brent
Breslow, R. 24-Mar-2008 - - HistCites on R Breslow
Brinkley BR 15-July-2008 - - HistCites on BR Brinkley
Bueno de Mesquita, Bruce July-2009 - - HistCites on Bruce Bueno de Mesquita
Bush V, Atlantic Monthly, 1945 12-June-2008 810 G1-G2 Papers citing "As We May Think" by Vannevar Bush, The Atlantic Monthly, 176(1): 101-108, 1945
Cavalli-Sforza LL 21-May-2008 - - HistCites on LL Cavalli-Sforza
Cawkell, AE 10-Nov-2003 - -- HistCites on Anthony E. Cawkell
Chance, Britton Dec-2010 - - HistCite collections on the work of Britton Chance and collections on "oxidative phosphorylation"
Chen, Chaomei Oct-2011 - - HistCite on the work of Chaomei Chen (Drexel)
Cleverdon, CW 20-Aug-2004 - - HistCites on CW Cleverdon
Cochrane 19-Mar-2008 - -- HistCites on AL Cochrane and Evidence Based Medicine
Cocitation Oct-2011 - - HistCites on Cocitation and Bibliographic Coupling
Cohn, Mildred Nov-2010 - - HistCites on Mildred Cohn
Cole, Jonathan R. 20-Mar-2006 - - HistCites on JR Cole
Cronin, Blaise 05-April-2004 - - HistCites on Blaise Cronin
Cutler, David
McClellan, Mark
04-Nov-2003 - - HistCites on David Cutler and Mark McClellan
Diamond, Milton 25-Feb-2011 - - HistCite collections on Milton Diamond
Djaja I (Giaja J) 25-Apr-2010 524 G1-G2 Papers citing I Djaja or J Giaja
Carl Djerassi HistCites 08-June-2005 - - HistCites on Carl Djerassi 
Dubois JE 08-Feb-2007 - - HistCites on JE Dubois
Dutton PL 24-Mar-2011 - - HistCites on P. Leslie Dutton
Eaton WA 20-Feb-2009 - - HistCites on WA Eaton
Edwards HistCites 30-Nov-2010 -- -- HistCites on Robert G Edwards
Einstein HistCites 07-Mar-2006 -- -- HistCites on Albert Einstein
Evidence Based Medicine 19-Mar-2008 1641 G1, G2 Papers containing 'evidence based medicine' in title, 1992-2007
Exobiology 03-Nov-2005 204 G1-G2 Papers found in WOS on a topic search "exobiology"
Faber SM 6-Mar-2009 - - HistCites on SM Faber.
Fineberg HV 09-Jun-2006 - - HistCites on HV Fineberg
Finkelstein A 12-Sept-2006 - - HistCites on Amy Finkelstein
Fisher ME 15-July-2005 - - HistCites on ME Fisher
Fiske ST 12-May-2005 - - HistCites on Susan T. Fiske
Fluharty SJ 14-Nov-2005 88 G1-G2 Papers by SJ Fluharty
Foskett HistCites 21-May-2004 - - HistCites on DJ Foskett
Fragile-X 04-Apr-2010 3556 G1-G2 Papers with one of the following phrases in the title: fragile x or FMRP or trinucleotide expansion or nucleotide expansion or cgg
Franklin, Rosalind 16-Aug-2007 - - HistCites on Rosalind E Franklin
Fuxe K 9-Oct-2008 1118 G1-G2 Papers by K Fuxe
Garfield, Eugene 21-Dec-2007 -- -- Various HistCites on the work of Eugene Garfield
Genome Sequencing 08-Oct-2004 -- -- Various HistCites on Genome Sequencing
Giaja J (Djaja I) 25-Apr-2010 524 G1-G2 Papers citing I Djaja or J Giaja
Gilbert, Walter 27-May-2008 182 G1-G2 Papers by Walter Gilbert
Glied, Sherry 15-Sept-2004 - - HistCites on Sherry Glied
Glusker JP 16-Feb-2011 - - HistCites on Jenny P Glusker
Goffman W     10-May-2007 500 G1, G2 Publications by William Goffman and the papers citing William Goffman 
Goldstein RZ Aug-2011 - - HistCite collections on RZ Golddstein
Gomella, Len 16-Jun-2009 - - HistCites on Len Gomella
Griliches Z 16-July-2002 - ---  HistCites on Z Griliches
Grumbach HistCites 29-Aug-2005 - - HistCites on MM Grumbach
Hackerman N 21-July-2006 -- -- HistCites on N Hackerman
Hargittai 29-Jun-2007 - - HistCites on Magdolna & István Hargittai
Harman D 28-Jan-2005 - - HistCites on D Harman
Hartmann (moon theory) 29-Oct-2004 146 G1, G2 "SATELLITE-SIZED PLANETESIMALS AND LUNAR ORIGIN" by HARTMANN WK, DAVIS DR in ICARUS 24 (4): 504-515 1975 and the citing papers 
Hayflick, Len 11-July-2011 - - HistCites on Len Hayflick
Haynes RB HistCites 9-Nov-2006 -- -- HistCites on the work of RB Haynes
Heberlein U 02-Feb-2006 - - HistCites on U Heberlein
Heidelberger M 19-Dec-2006 - - HistCites on Heidelberger M
Heisenberg HistCites 20-Apr-2005 -- -- HistCites on Werner Heisenberg
Hendrix MJC 24-May-2005 - - HistCites on MJC Hendrix
Hendrix RW 31-Mar-2009 - - HistCites on RW Hendrix
Herner infogatheringhabits 1954 11-Feb-2003 47 G1, G2 Article published in Indus. Eng.Chem. 46(1):228-236, 1954
Hirsch's H-Index paper 29-Sept-2011 859 G1, G2 Hirsch's H-Index paper and the citing papers
Hoffmann R HistCites 13-April-2004 -- -- HistCites on R Hoffmann
Hokfelt T 02-Sept-2005 1138 G1-G2 Papers by T HOKFELT
Holocaust 30-Apr-2008 2712 G1-G2 Papers with "holocaust" or "shoah" in the title. Book Reviews were removed.
Hotpapers 09-Mar-2007 -- -- Hotpapers covered in The Scientist
Hubbell, JH 8-April-2012 - - HistCites on JH Hubbell
Human Artificial Chromosomes 04-Nov-2004 156 G1-G2 Papers found in topic search: ((HUMAN AND ARTIFICIAL CHROMOSOME*) AND CENTROMERE*)
Hunter T (Salk) 27-Jan-2006 439 G1-G2 Papers by T Hunter
Igic RP Apr-2011 - - HistCite collections on the work of Rajko Igic
Information Processing & Management 29-Apr-2005 2579 G1-G2 Papers from INFORMATION PROCESSING & MANAGEMENT, 1975-2005 and INFORMATION STORAGE & RETRIEVAL, 1963-1974 
Information Visualization 24-Apr-2003 -- -- Topic and title searchs for "information visualization."
Ingwersen, Peter May 2010 -- -- HistCite collections on P Ingwersen
Intersex (M Diamond) - Histcites 25-Apr-2003 -- -- 3 Histcites on Intersexuality.
JASIS&T 22-May-2007 4590 G1-G2 Papers from JASIS, JASIS&T, American Documentation, 1956-2006
Killworth PD 15-Feb-2008 - - HistCites on PD Killworth
Koprowski H 02-Oct-2006 914 G1-G2 Papers by H Koprowski
Kormendy J 05-Sept-2006 85 G1-G2 Papers by J Kormendy
Kornberg RD 16-Oct-2006 - - HistCites on RD Kornberg
Koshland DE 05-May-2006 744 G1-G2 Papers by DE Koshland
Koshland DE 15-May-2006 18789 G1-G2 Papers by DE Koshland and the papers citing DE Koshland
Kritchevsky D 03-May-2005 - -- HistCites on D. Kritchevsky
Kroto HW 27-July-2006 352 G1-G2 Papers by HW Kroto
Kuhl DE 4-Mar-2011 - - HistCite collections on Dave E. Kuhl
Kwong PD and Nabel GJ 29-Jan-2008 361 G1-G2 Papers by PD Kwong and GJ Nabel
Lancaster FW 7-Nov-2007 143 G1-G2 Works by FW Lancaster
Lancaster FW Citation record 7-Nov-2007 2177 G1-G2 Works by FW Lancaster and the papers citing FW Lancaster
LaPorte RE 24-Oct-2005 - - HistCites by Ronald E. LaPorte
Lederberg J 08-Feb-2008 - -- HistCites on J. Lederberg
Lee VMY & Trojanowski JQ Nov 2011 - - various HistCites on the work of VMY Lee and JQ Trojanowski
Lefkowitz RJ 01-May-2006 972 G1-G2 Papers by RJ Lefkowitz
Lewy AJ 18-Jan-2008 - -- HistCites on the work of AJ Lewy
SJ Lippard Papers 27-Oct-2009 833 G1-G2 Publications by SJ Lippard
Llinas RR  18-Jan-2007 -- -- HistCites on RR Llinas
Lynch MF 2-Mar-2010 -- -- HistCites on Michael F. Lynch
Machlup F 26-Aug-2002 2625 G1 Papers citing and by F. Machlup, 1950-2002
Machlup, Production and Distribution of Knowledge 2-May-2008 582 G1 Papers citing "The Production and Distribution of Knowledge in the United States" (1962) by Fritz Machlup
Mansfield E 1-Aug-2008 -- -- Histcites on Edwin Mansfield
Margolis, Joel 14-Jul-2006 - - HistCites on Joel Margolis
Margulis, Lynn 04-Jan-2012 - - HistCites on Lynn Margulis.
Marshall BJ 14-Aug-2009 - - HistCite collections on BJ Marshall
Massague J 18-Jan-2006 299 G1-G2 Papers by J Massague
McAdams, Harley H. 06-Mar-2009 - - HistCites on Harley H. McAdams
McCarty M 14-Feb-2005 - - HistCites on M McCarty.
Medical Ignorance 06-July-2004 -- ---  HistCites on the topic of Medical Ignorance
Meltzer D 02-May-2002 68 --- Citations to David Meltzer 1997 paper on "Medical Cost Effectiveness" 
Merchant, Sabeeha  23-Feb-2006 - - HistCites on S Merchant
Merton HistCites 11-Jan-2012 -- -- Various HistCites on the work of Robert K Merton
Meselson, Matthew 28-Jun-2005 -- -- HistCites on Matthew Meselson
Meyerson, Matthew  21-Nov-2007 95 G1-G2 Papers by Matthew Meyerson
Milankovic, Milutin 20-Apr-2010 784 G1, G2 Papers found in WoS citing M Milankovic, M Milankovich, M Milankovitch
Miller & Epstein - Organic, 1994 21-Feb-2003 694 G1, G2 Miller JS and Epstein AJ "Organic and Organometallic Molecular Magnetic-Materials - Designer Magnets" Angew Chem Int. Edit 33(4):385-415, March 3 1984. 
Papers citing this paper for the period 1988-2003
Moerner WE 15-Feb-2011 -- -- HistCites on WE Moerner
Moore GE 31-Oct-2005 -- -- HistCites on Gordon E Moore
MRI HistCites 17-Oct-2003 -- -- Various HistCites on MRI developers.
Murphy, Kevin M. 05-Oct-2005 - - HistCites on KM Murphy
Nalimov VV 20 Oct 2010 - - HistCite collections on the work of VV Nalimov
Negishi EI 23 Apr 2009 - - HistCites on EI Negishi
Notes & Records of the Royal Society 17-Apr-2010 205 G1, G2 HistCites on F Nottebohm
Nottebohm F 20-Jan-2006 - - HistCites on F Nottebohm
Ogawa S of Murray Hill 8-Oct-2004 - - HistCites on "S Ogawa" from "Murray Hill" 
Onuigbo WIB papers 18-Feb-2008 122 G1-G2 Publications by WIB Onuigbo
Onuigbo WIB 17-Feb-2008 563 G1-G2 Publications by WIB Onuigbo and the papers citing WIB Onuigbo
Otlet P 27-Oct-2011 120 G1-G2 The papers citing Paul Otlet
Otlet's Traité de Documentation 28-Oct-2011 72 G1-G2 Papers citing Traité de Documentation: le livre sur le livre by Paul Otlet
Ourisson G June-2007 - - HistCites on the work of Guy Ourisson
Pariser, Rudy 13-Feb-2012 - - HistCites on Rudy Pariser
Peer Review 25-Sept-2006 - - HistCites on Peer Review
Persson Olle papers    New 06-Jan-2009 42 G1-G2 Papers by Olle Persson
Persson Olle    New 06-Jan-2009 434 G1-G2 Papers by Olle Persson and the papers citing Olle Persson
Petroski 13-Sept-2004 141 G1-G2 Papers Citing Henry Petroski's "To Engineer Is Human: The Role of Failure in Successful Design" 1985 and 1992 
Petsko GA 18-Sep-2008 - - HistCites on GA Petsko
Planck, Max 14-Apr-2005 -- -- HistCites on Max Planck
Platnick 31-Oct-2005 - - HistCites on NI Platnick
Polywater 13-June-2003 193 G1, G2 193 papers on Polywater.
Posner's Economic Analysis of Law 01-Oct-2004 1287 G1, G2 Economic Analysis of Law by RA Posner and the citing papers 
Price, DJD 03-Mar-2007 -- - HistCites on Derek J. deSolla Price
Prusiner, SB 22-Feb-2006 - - HistCites on SB Prusiner
van Raan, Anthony F. J. 27-Nov-2009 - - HistCites on Anthony F. J. van Raan
Ranganathan w/citing papers 20-Oct-2005 518 G1-G2 Publications by SR Ranganathan and the papers citing SR Ranganathan
Rayward WB HistCites 27-Oct-2009 - - HistCites collections on WB Rayward
Replicative Senescence 15-Mar-2005 216 G1-G2 Papers with "replicative senescence" in the title.
Rich, Alexander 12-Sept-2006 -- -- HistCites on Alexander Rich.
Rothschild, Miriam publications 31-July-2007 130 G1-G2 Publications by Miriam Rothschild
Rothschild, Miriam citation record 31-July-2007 2116 G1-G2 Papers by Miriam Rothschild and the papers citing Miriam Rothschild
Ryan SJ 17-Feb-2006 -- -- HistCites on SJ Ryan
Salton, Gerard 05-Apr-2005 -- -- HistCites on Gerard Salton
Schacter, DL 06-May-2005 - - HistCites on DL Schacter
Schrodinger, E 25-Apr-2005 - - HistCites on E Schrodinger
scientometrics/ 13-Nov-2011 3081 G1-G2 All articles published in Scientometrics from 1978 to present
Seglen PO Feb-2011 - - HistCite collections on PO Seglen
Serendipit* 25-Mar-2004 832 G1 papers with "Serendipit*" in the title.
Shannon, Claude E. 28-Oct-2011 30 G1-G2 Papers in WoS by CE Shannon
Shapiro, Lucy 31-Mar-2009 - - HistCites on Lucy Shapiro
Sharp, Philip A. 24-May-2007 - - HistCites on Philip A. Sharp
Silverstein SC 25-Oct-2006 -- -- HistCites on SC Silverstein
Singer, Maxine F. 09-July-2007 - - HistCites on Maxine F. Singer
Small World Nov-2011 -- -- HistCites on Milgram and the Small World Problem (Social Networks)
Small, Henry 19-Dec-2008 71 G1-G2 Papers by Henry Small
Small, Henry 19-Dec-2008 1370 G1-G2 Papers by Henry Small and papers citing Henry Small
Smalley RE 27-July-2006 379 G1-G2 Papers by RE Smalley
Smith, Amos B. (UPENN) 11-May-2009 - - HistCites on Amos B. Smith of UPenn.
Sparck-Jones 12-Oct-2007 - - HistCites on Karen Sparck-Jones
Starzl HistCites Feb-2012 -- -- HistCites on TE Starzl
Sterzer F 17-Mar-2009 -- -- HistCites on F Sterzer
Stigler 8-June-2009 -- -- HistCites on SM Stigler and GJ Stigler
Stokes AR 06-June-2003 23 -- Papers listed in WoS by AR Stokes.
Stunkard AJ 05-Dec-2007 -- -- HistCites on Albert J. Stunkard
Stubbe, JoAnne 03-Jan-2007 - - HistCites on JoAnne Stubbe of MIT
Sussman JL Mar-2011 - - HistCite collecitons on Joel L. Sussman
Swanson, Don R. 17-Nov-2009 - - HistCites collecitons of Don R. Swanson of University of Chicago
Szostak JW 15-Sept-2006 178 G1-G2 Papers by JW Szostak
Szybalski, Waclaw 05-Oct-2005 -- -- HistCites on Waclaw Szybalski
Thackray, Arnold HistCites 26-Feb-2009 -- -- HistCites on Arnold Thackray.
Thalidomide HistCites 27-Oct-2004 -- -- HistCites on Thalidomide.
Topel, Robert H. 30-Sept-2005 -- -- HistCites on RH Topel
Transfer Factor 12-April-2004 - -- HistCites on Transfer Factor
Trojanowski JQ & Lee VMY Nov 2011 - - various collections of papers by VMY Lee and JQ Trojanowski
Urey, Harold C. 7-Apr-2005 - - HistCites on Harold C. Urey
Vacanti JP 14-Mar-2006 - - HistCites on JP Vacanti
van Raan, Anthony F. J. 27-Nov-2009 - - HistCites on Anthony F. J. van Raan
Varki A 09-Feb-2006 - - HistCites on A Varki
Vickery BC 16-Jan-2006 - - HistCites on BC Vickery.
Vlachy J HistCites 30-Nov-2010 -- -- HistCites on Jan Vlachy.
Vogelstein HistCites 23-Mar-2005 -- -- HistCites on Bert Vogelstein.
Watson-Crick and Avery 14-Aug-2007 -- -- Various HistCites on Watson and Crick, and Avery
Weissmann, G 21-Oct-2008 325 G1-G2 Papers by G Weissmann
Wilmut, Ian 15-Mar-2005 - - HistCites on Ian Wilmut
Wilson ME 06-July-2006 - - HistCites on ME Wilson
Zare RN 03-Mar-2008 - --- Various HistCites on RN Zare
Zewail AH 31-Jul-2002 6752 --- Papers citing and by AH Zewail, 1970-2002
Zuckerman, Harriet Nov-2011 -- --- HistCites on the work of Harriet Zuckerman

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