Citation Indexing -- Its Theory and Application in Science, Technology, and Humanities

Eugene Garfield

Institute for Scientific Information

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Foreword by Robert K. Merton ... ... pg. v - ix


Prefacepg. xi - xiii
Contents -- Illustrations
Chapter 1
A Conceptual View of Citation Indexing1
Chapter 2
A Historical View of Citation Indexing6
Chapter 3
The Design and Production of a Citation Index 19
Chapter 4
The Application of Citation Indexing to the Patent Literature 37
Chapter 5
The Citation Index as a Search Tool 41
Chapter 6
A Science-Management Tool 62
Chapter 7
Citation Analysis as a Method of Historical Research into Science 81
Chapter 8
Mappling the Structure of Science 98
Chapter 9
Citation Analysis of Scientific Journals 148
Chapter 10
Perspective on Citation Analysis of Scientists 240
Epilogue: The Future of Citation Indexing 253
Cited Author Index 257
Subject Index 259

Copyright 1979
Originally published in 1979 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, NY.
Reprinted in 1983 by ISI Press, Philadelphia, PA.

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